Friday, 18 April 2014

Duelling Gamers Progress II

In recent days I've managed to find a bit more time for painting, and my progress is starting to improve. I'm still working on the Slayers, but I've got more of them to show this time. Lots of pictures, not a lot else...
8 more painted Troll Slayers, including a standard and musician.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Duelling Gamers Progress

It seems to be a pretty universal theme for this Tale of Duelling Gamers that progress for the first month has been slow. Nobody shot out of the blocks, and most of us have not offered a lot of updates. Here is a bit of a list of how people are going:

Owen (Terrain for Hippos) has just about completed 8 converted marauders
Nick (Den of the Eternal Youth) has posted some WIP marauder horsemen
Rupert (Not about to grow up) has displayed some (still mostly white) Dwarfs
Nick (Carrot and Stick) has a regiment of undercoated Eternal Guard
Chris (Moruya Marauders) has announced his intention to paint Grave Guard
Pete (The Breathless Host) has decided how to paint his Dryads
Justin (Holiday Hobbyist) has been assembling Orks

All in all, for so many hobbyists, it's really not a lot of progress.

Well, I do at least have a few painted models to show. I made my usual mistake of starting to paint most of my monthly quota at once, before realising what I was doing and pausing most of them in order to complete a few of them. So behold, I have a few painted slayers!
4 completed multi-coloured Slayers. The orange one is a normal Troll Slayer (they will all be orange). The rest of them will probably see some use as characters.

Friday, 11 April 2014

A couple of milestones

I figured I should acknowledge that the Hoodling's Hole has achieved a number of milestones over the last few weeks. The following things have all happened very recently:

  • 300 posts
  • 400,000 hits
None of these milestones is necessarily significant in its own right, however together I think they're an indication that the blog is alive and well. Thanks to everyone who keeps coming by, and I'll endeavour to ensure there are more things for you to look at each time you visit in the future!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Learning new angles

I haven't been making much hobby progress recently, but I do have something slightly different to report. Over the last couple of weeks I have taken possession of a tripod and remote for our DSLR camera. The hope is that with these additional tools, I will be better equipped to improve some of my photos. 

Specifically I am hoping to get better at taking wider angle shots - shots across the battlefield that take in more than a couple of units, and put more of them into focus. As far as I can tell, this means playing with something called "aperture". I don't truly understand how it works, but in practical terms it seems to mean spreading the camera's focus over objects at a range of depths. It also means leaving the shutter open for a really long time. When I crank the setting up to 32, the noise between the shutter opening and closing is something ridiculous like 20-30 seconds. As such, the tripod is obviously essential - nobody can hold a camera dead still for that long.

Anyway, I had a bit of a play with my new toys and thought I'd share my progress thus far.
This shot was taken at aperture 32. The 3 rows of models here are about a foot apart from each other. So although it's not the best shot, I've got things 24" apart more or less in focus. Given how enthusiastically the DSLR normally focuses on a small point to the exclusion of all else, this is a dramatic change.
Army photos have proven challenging with the new camera. Fiddling with aperture (32 again here) seems to help. Oh yeah, this is what all my painted Dwarfs look like at this point. Yay!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Battle of the Bacon, Part 6 (Finale)

This is the 6th (and final) part of a battle report spanning multiple posts. You can read the previous turn here, or you can go to the main report page here.

Dwarf Turn 6
Dwarf Turn 6
With more a wheezing cough than a shout, Lord Dungrim signalled to the shieldbearers fighting by his side and together they dragged themselves into the flank of the Savage Orc Shaman, intent on putting an end to the villain before their own strength gave out entirely.
Dungrim charges in for the final combat

The Battle of the Bacon, Part 5

This is part 5 of a battle report spanning multiple posts. You can read the previous turn here, or you can go to the main report page here.

Dwarf Turn 5
Dwarf Turn 5
With most of his remaining warriors locked in bitter combat, Dungrim's axe arm was itching from a lack of use. He practically danced atop his shield in agitation, which did little to improve the mood of his bearers. Then he spotted his opportunity as the Savage Orc boar riders turned their formation to face the Iron Guard. With barely concealed desperation, he hissed to his shieldbearers, “There! Now is our chance, and they are so close even you two can make it!” For once the Lord and his shieldbearers were in agreement, and they staggered toward the combat with a jubilant roar (and a couple of half-hearted wheezes coming from somewhere underneath).
Even as the Trolls appeared in their flank, Peg Leg's Quarrellers spotted an opportunity elsewhere.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Battle of the Bacon, Part 4

This is part 4 of a battle report spanning multiple posts. You can read the previous turn here, or you can go to the main report page here

Dwarf Turn 4
Dwarf Turn 4
The Dwarf line was still in turmoil, however a strong showing from the forces to his right gave Dungrim some hope. They needed to press any advantages that were to be found. Looking through the forest he could see the fleeing forms of the remaining Kleenskins, and called for his staggering shieldbearers to harden up and charge once more. “Come on you pathetic beardlings, they're getting away! There is Orc blood to be spilt!” he growled. His bearers tried to respond, however their hearts (and legs) were not in it. Nevertheless Dungrim's curses apparently carried to the fleeing Orcs, as they glanced over their shoulders and quickened their pace. Seeing that the situation was hopeless, Dungrim tried a different tack. “What about those other savages over there,” he asked, forcing calm into his voice and pointing toward the struggle between da Red Faces and Arri's lads. “It looks like they could use our aid.” His bearers shifted direction ponderously and set off toward the new target, but all involved knew they were never going to make it and soon gave it up as a lost cause.

Snorri saw the fleeing Kleenskins and sounded a charge of his own, however this only further hastened their departure and they were soon clambering over the Rock Lobber in their haste to leave the field. The Goblins looked around in a panic, wondering what was going on and doing their best to hide behind their machine in the face of the stampeding Orcs.
The Iron Guard find themselves spoilt for choice