Friday, 15 February 2019

Cancon 2019 Aftermath - Part 6

This is the final part of my report of Cancon 2019. You can find the previous part here. You can find the start here.

Game 6 - Control
Matt Curtis - Elves
  • Horde of Kindred Archers with Heart-seeking Chant
  • Horde of Therennian Sea Guard
  • Regiment of Palace Guard
  • Horde of Forest Shamblers
  • Horde of Drakon Riders
  • Horde of Drakon Riders
  • Dragon Kindred Lord
  • Mage with Bane Chant
  • Army Standard Bearer with Lute of Insatiable Darkness
  • Noble War Chariot
  • Noble War Chariot
So I had made it to the final round, and I was perilously close to mid-field after my dramatic improvement on Day 2. I had actually been musing with someone prior to this game that I really hadn't run into any shooting all tournament. I would normally have been pleased about that (I really don't like gun lines), but it occurred to me that my list would probably cause a gun line nightmares. Matt's army was certainly not a gun line, however it had significantly more firepower than any of my other opponents. I guess this was my chance to see how my list held up against someone that actually shot at me a bit.

 A Dragon on the flank, with the Forest Shamblers shooting forward with their vanguard move so they could stand in the forest and pretend to be trees.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Cancon 2019 Aftermath - Part 5

This the continuation of my report of the Cancon 2019 tournament. You can find the previous part here.

Game 5 - Ransack
Darren Holmes - Forces of the Abyss
  • Archfiend of the Abyss with Wings
  • Ba'su'su
  • Mau'ti-bu-su
  • Succubi Regiment
  • Succubi Regiment
  • Regiment of Abyssal Horsemen
  • Regiment of Abyssal Horsemen
  • Horde of Twisted Victims
  • Horde of Molochs
  • Troop of Gargoyles
  • Abyssal Harbinger on mount
  • Abyssal Harbinger on mount (this second one might have been someone else)
That doesn't total anywhere near enough points. No doubt there was a Caterpillar Potion on one of the cavalry units and a variety of other items scattered around there.

There are a lot of objective markers in this scenario, worth varying amounts. They were scattered all over the shop, including 2 that Darren put in opposite corners of the field. I didn't think all that carefully about these rocks in front of me. They were Height 4 and impassable. So apart from the flyer, I was going to have real trouble crossing over those, and no way to see. I had rather carelessly isolated the Order of the Abyssal Hunt during deployment. It might not have been that big a deal, but Darren put a lot of flyers across the field from them.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Cancon 2019 Aftermath - Part 4

This is the continuation of my tournament report from Cancon 2019. You can find the previous part here. You can find the first part here.

Game 4 - Raze
Kate Price - Basileans
Holy Lancers (Formation) (I think) (more brackets)
  • High Paladin on Elder Dragon
  • High Paladin on Griffon
  • Horde of Ogre Palace Guard
  • Horde of Elohi
  • Horde of Elohi
  • Gnaeus Sallustis
  • Regiment of Paladin Knights with Potion of the Caterpillar
  • Regiment of Paladin Knights
  • Troop of Sisterhood Panther Lancers
  • Heavy Arbalest
I had made it to day 2. The weather had improved a bit, and I was somewhat recovered. The same could not be said of my score in the tournament, however. Of a possible 63 points I had accumulated the princely total of 7. Clearly I was poised to strike. I had one hand on the wooden spoon already!

I have never played the Raze scenario before. I'll be honest, I liked it on paper. Although getting the first turn seemed important if someone had enough fast stuff to pounce on the objectives across the table.

The terrain on my right flank was pretty open, which boded well for large units of cavalry. Kate put her Griffon, Gnaeus, and her Paladin Knight regiments over there to keep the Arbalest company.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Cancon 2019 Aftermath - Part 3

This is the third part of my tournament report from Cancon 2019. You can find the previous part here.

Game 3 - Dominate
Spoon - Forces of the Abyss
Fire Legion (Formation)
  • Archfiend of the Abyss with Wings, Lightning
  • Mau'ti-bu-su
  • Horde of Abyssal Despoilers
  • Horde of Tortured Souls
  • Regiment of Abyssal Horsemen (probably with Potion of the Caterpillar)
  • Abyssal Temptress (may have had Wings and Banechant)
  • Regiment of Succubi
  • Regiment of Succubi
  • Troop of Succubi
  • Troop of Succubi
  • Troop of Gargoyles
  • Efreet with Heart-Seeking Chant
Apologies for how much I'm struggling to get these lists accurate. The further out we get from the event, the harder it is to remember. Honestly this whole game is a bit of a haze for me. It was 40 degrees and the humidity was to the point where I felt like I was in danger of dripping sweat onto the table. Guzzling water will only get you so far. I was really struggling; I didn't really want to be trying to focus on a game at this point. But hey, I survived. So that's something, eh?

Well that's a blurry photo. Anyway, I set up with the intention of using that impassable terrain behind the forest as something of an anchor for my flank. The speed and threat range of the cavalry and Tortured Souls on that flank worried me, so I wanted to see if I could keep them out of the game for a while.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Cancon 2019 Aftermath - Part 2

This is the second part of my tournament report from Cancon 2019. You can find the first part here.

Right, so after an ignominious start, I figured I could probably do better in future rounds. Couldn't go much worse, right? And now I'd had practice and stuff. On to glory!

Game 2 - Plunder
Tony Lee - The Herd
  • Horde of Guardian Brutes with Potion of the Caterpillar
  • Horde of Stampede
  • Regiment of Centaur Longmanes with Brew of Strength
  • Regiment of Centaur Longmanes
  • Regiment of Centaur Longmanes
  • Regiment of Centaur Bray-Hunters
  • Regiment of Centaur Bray-Hunters
  • Chimera with wings
  • Centaur Chief with Blade of Slashing
  • Centaur Chief
  • Shaman on a mount
  • Beast Pack Troop
  • Beast Pack Troop
Honestly, that comes to about 85 points short. I don't remember what else was in there. Must have been some items, because I think the models are all accounted for. I'm so good at this...

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Cancon 2019 Aftermath - Part 1

Right, it's now been over a week since Cancon, and I've still not had a chance to write up any of my games. I had planned to just do 2 posts - 1 for each day. But given how long this has taken and before the situation gets any worse, here is game 1...

I have written previously about my army list, which was thrown together with the intention of being as simple as possible in order to accommodate my lack of practice and expected difficult weather conditions. I had modest expectations, so let's see how that panned out. Here is my list again in case you can't be bothered going back to the other post...

  • Exemplar Forsaker with Blade of Slashing
  • Exemplar Forsaker
  • Horde of Order of the Brotherhood with Maccwar's Caterpillar Potion
  • Horde of Order of the Brotherhood
  • Horde of Order of the Brotherhood
  • Regiment of the Order of the Abyssal Hunt
  • Regiment of the Order of Redemption
  • Forsaken Beast with Regeneration
  • Forsaken Beast with Regeneration

On with the report!

Game 1 - Push
Trevor Younghusband - Basileans
  • Formation - Retribution of the Heavens
  • Formation - Holy Lancers
  • Horde of Elohi (with Caterpillar)
  • Horde of Elohi
  • Ur-Elohi
  • Ur-Elohi
  • Gnaeus Sallustis
  • Regiment of Paladin Knights
  • Regiment of Paladin Knights
  • Regiment of Paladin Foot Guard
  • Regiment of Paladin Foot Guard
  • Horde of Sisterhood Infantry
That stuff doesn't total 2250 points. I've obviously missed a couple of items. There may even have been a Bearer of the Holy Icon waving the Lute of Insatiable Darkness around. 

This was my first game using my army list. In fact, it was the first time I had ever used Brotherhood. Obviously the first round was always going to be a challenge.

The terrain didn't help me. There's a rocky obstacle in front of the knights over on the right. I needed some time to get some clear charges.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

The Cancon Brotherhood

At New Years my family asked me to come up with a New Years resolution. These are not something I really go for, but my response was that I was hoping to get back into my hobby more and do a better job of updating the blog. I was then told it had to be more specific than that - an actual, measurable goal. So I came up with this:

"I will do a blog post every week"

So... We are now 3 weeks into the new year, and I have managed precisely 0 blog posts before this one. Fair to say that I failed with impressive efficiency. No messing about here. Honestly, it's amazing how quickly the time passes by.

Having established that I am awful at New Years resolutions, I still hope to do better in the coming year in terms of my hobby. Whether that be painting or playing, either way it should result in updates on the blog. And truly, I think there will need to be a lot more gaming if I'm going to get any momentum up in terms of painting or modelling. What games I end up playing remains to be seen, however. For now, it's Kings of War.