Sunday, 10 June 2018

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Hello again! Long time, no post. Things have been rather quiet on the blogging front, which I of course feel guilty about, as usual. But these longer gaps seem to have become the norm recently, for better or worse.

The gaps largely relate to me not having done a lot of hobby-related activities in recent weeks. I tried to generate some painting momentum by proclaiming the Year of the Goblin, however after doing pretty well with the first horde of Night Goblins, I kind of ran out of steam. It was partly the Goblins' fault, of course. Night Goblins might be simple to paint, but they're not terribly exciting. 

As it was, I tried to encourage myself by shifting across to painting a couple of characters. I painted these 2 guys shortly after the Night Goblins, however they did little to improve my level of hobby energy, and my momentum stalled. 
A couple of ugly little retro twins who need a hanky. Was too lazy to take a proper photo in the light box, sorry...
Rather than trying to force myself back onto the painting wagon, I decided instead to let myself focus on less demanding things (ie: PC games). This was partly driven by the arrival of a Kickstarter project I backed some time ago, Battletech. I was pretty excited by this, and set about playing my way through the campaign. The game is not without its occasional flaws, but overall I really enjoyed playing through the story.
Turn-based mech combat. Basically it's what it says on the box - the Battletech tabletop game in PC form.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

A Dark-Robed Horde

It's been a while since my previous post, but I've finally completed the full unit of Night Goblins. After the initial large multi-model filler, I painted the remainder in 3 batches. It all seemed pretty manageable, but that still didn't mean I got through it all quickly. Oh well, at least I did get there in the end.
40 Night Goblins, ready for battle. Or you know, ready to squabble a bit and then run away.

Monday, 12 March 2018

A Base Full of Gobbos

I declared in my previous post that I thought I could get my Night Goblin Archer unit filler finished by the end of the week. Turns out that was true, although I didn't quite manage to get photos taken and posted in that same time-frame. Anyway, here they are:
A 5x4 unit filler of Night Goblin Archers, all based and ready to go.

Monday, 5 March 2018

2018 - Year of the Goblin

Way back when this blog was born in 2011, I decided that I was going to focus my painting efforts on a particular army. I proclaimed 2011 would be my Year of the Empire, and set about making as much painting progress on my Empire army as I could. In total I painted something like 5000 points over the course of that year, and it formed the foundation of the army which would continue to grow in the years that followed. 

There is no doubt that over the last several years, my Empire have received an inordinate amount of attention compared to my other armies. There have been brief bursts of focus on things like my Dwarfs and Ogres, however I have never focused on another army pretty much exclusively for any real amount of time. I think it might be time to address that.

I have spoken previously of my intention to try to recreate the Battle at the East Gate of Karak Eight Peaks. This is still on the cards, however it is really still in the early planning stage. One of the things that is holding back progress is the state of my Orc and Goblin army. I do have a painted army of greenskins; I think it totals something like 8000 points. However, a lot of it was painted in a hurry for tournaments around 15 years ago, and is really pretty rough. I have gone back and revitalised a couple of elements, and some of the larger models like Wyverns and Arachnaroks were added more recently and therefore hold up better. But the army lacks a lot of stuff, in particular Goblins. Sure, there are Goblins there, but not in the sort of numbers that would be required for a game like Karak Eight Peaks.

I've been trying to make myself knuckle down and focus on the problem for a few months now, however I have barely made any progress. I have not yet built up any momentum, which is key for larger hobby projects like this. In an effort to address this, I have decided to proclaim 2018 the Year of the Goblin.
OK, so technically Skarsnik got painted last year. But he's just ahead of the curve. Leading from the front!

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Buying more models and an interview with a fellow lunatic

I am feeling very Spanish at the moment. Well actually, I don't feel very Spanish at all. I'm on the other side of the world, after all. But recently I seem to be being inspired by numerous things from that part of the world. It feels like in various ways, the people over there are keeping the hobby alive and kicking!

First up, I ordered another pile of models from MOM Miniaturas during the Black Friday sales. Granted, they took a while to get here. I gather they've been keeping themselves very busy, with the sales and Christmas and preparation for their upcoming Kickstarter.

This is the second time I've put in a big order with MOM, and although I've painted a few of the ones I got the previous time (a few warrior priests and some heavily armoured Dwarfs), I now have quite the backlog...
My loot spread out on the table for me to fondle...

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Cancon 2018 Aftermath - Part 7

This is the final part of my report of the recent Clash of Kings tournament at Cancon 2018. You can find the previous part here.

Game 7: Control
Tony Lee, Conquistadors

You what? Conquistadors? I did think I remembered someone asking if you could take Kings of War Historicals in the event, but I didn't realise someone had actually gone and done it! How interesting. I actually looked at Tony's list properly, on account of not recognising a single thing in it...

Hernan Cortez leading an army of Conquistadors with Aztec assistance. I don't know what I was expecting in my final game, but this was not it.

I used Vanguard to start closing the gap using a hill as cover on the left flank.

Cancon 2018 Aftermath - Part 6

This is a continuation of my report of the recent Clash of Kings tournament at Cancon 2018. You can find the previous part here.

Game 6: Scour
Matt Sellick, Elves

Brimming with confidence after actually winning a game, I now ran into Matt, who was also using Elves. Matt was my only opponent whom I had actually played against previously, although I suspect that was all before the switch to Kings of War.

This game was the first time my opponent also had units with Vanguard, and it really threw me. Not only did he have Vanguard, but he had more units with it than me. Unlike in Warhammer, there are no protections in KoW preventing units with Vanguard from getting really close to each other. So I was left trying to work out what to do when we could advance units right up into each others' faces without knowing who was going to get the first turn.

This was the most confusing decision I ran into during the event. Probably the smart thing to do would have been to stay out of charge range even though it would have meant wasting my Vanguard. But I couldn't decide what to do and was acutely aware of the fact that I was starting to waste time with my indecision, so I pushed things forward in a cavalier and foolish action, choosing to hope I would get the first turn. Naturally I did not.

So many things with Vanguard. What am I to do with this?