Monday, 20 July 2020

Spoilt by choice?

I started in this hobby back in about 1992. Well, I might have been idly collecting and longing for models for some time before that, but realistically the timing is about correct for when we first got our hands on the rules for Warhammer. Thus began our downward spiral into the murky depravity that was Games Workshop products, getting into 40K, Epic, Blood Bowl, etc... So many games, so little time.

Warhammer was not the only fantasy battle game on the market back then (the main alternative being Grenadier's Fantasy Warriors), but it had a clear advantage in terms of presentation and marketing thanks to White Dwarf, and the beautiful photos and battle reports contained therein. Naturally we were attracted to the bright and shiny objects (it was GW's Red Period, don't forget - everything was bright and shiny and red). Thus was our loyalty to a particular game setting won.

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Something fishy is going on

Well, it's been a while since my last post. Lockdown has done strange things to timetables and to hobby habits. It's hard to be motivated to work on models when you have no idea when the next game will be (other than this: that it will probably not be soon)...

I really haven't managed much painting recently. I have good intentions and have laid the groundwork, but I'm yet to really apply myself. I do feel a bit guilty about it, but there have been other developments that are quite promising.

My friend bought a resin printer a while ago, but had been unable to find the space to set it up and get it running. He was using the box as a coffee table, with the printer still in it. Eventually the absurdity of this became too much, and we arranged to bring it around here and get it working. Since then, I have printed an entire regiment's worth of some cool Greatsword models, a number of horses to pull wagons, and Trolls. Lots of Trolls.

 12 River Trolls, all assembled and waiting for their glue and putty to dry.

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Baby steps

Somehow it's been over a month since my last post. I've barely left the house during that time, but somehow my days feel busier than ever. This probably has something to do with the builders who are working on our garage, cutting a door through right next to the painting table, and generally covering everything in dust.

The general chaos has obviously affected my painting progress as well. I've managed to (literally) blow the dust off a few things, but really my achievements over this time have been limited.

I did finally get around to trying to tidy up the paint on the wolfybirbs, who have sat in their mostly-finished state since Cancon. I figured now I should really take their picture before hiding them in a cabinet, where they will hopefully not gather too much more dust.

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Life in the slow lane

So the world is shutting down and everyone is hiding in their homes. It's all quite surreal. I'm fortunate in that my job fairly easily accommodates working from home, so that puts me in a much more comfortable position than the countless people who have been stood down from work or are out of a job (my condolences if you're in that sort of situation). 

The internet is full of people suddenly finding themselves with more hobby time as a result of the various lock-downs, but that doesn't really apply to me. We do have a lot of regular stuff cancelled, but that is not necessarily translating into more time to paint. Not yet, anyway. Maybe that will change.

I have continued to work away on my Ostland swordsman regiment, and now I have 22 of them done. Unfortunately there are still 18 more of them staring at me from the other side of the painting table. 
22 painted swordsmen, with just the banner detail still waiting...

Monday, 9 March 2020

So, where to now?

This is just a bit of a general hobby update. I don't post as many of these as I used to, even when I am actually getting some hobby work done. I'll see if I can get more into the habit again.

First, a bit of catching up to do. My mad sprint to try to get ready for Cancon was only modestly successful. As you might have seen in the tournament photos, both the flying wolves and the halflings got to the point where they were usable, but not finished. The halflings in particular didn't really get close, but were hiding in amongst finished ones, which helped to distract from my shame.

I haven't taken any really decent specific shots of either the wolves or the halflings in their incomplete state, but this will give some idea...
Not the best shot, but there is some very black hair in there, and a severe lack of detail if you look at them up close.
The wolfybirbs actually got nearly finished. More finished than in this pic actually, given the bases were finished. This was to show a friend where I got to on the wings, which in the end were about the only incomplete detail. I had to call it given I was out of time, and decided unfinished wings were something I could get away with.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

The Gob-Off: Chapter 3 - Part 2

This is the continuation of the report of the 3rd game in our goblin campaign. You can find the first half here.

When we left our heroes, matters were coming to a head in the centre of the field. If you recall, things looked like this...
 3 units locked in combat, including 5 characters, with units all around...

Monday, 17 February 2020

The Gob-Off: Chapter 3 - Part 1

This is the continuation of our all-Goblin 8th edition campaign. You can find the previous segment here, or go back to the start here.

Mush, night goblin shaman extraordinaire and Chosen of Mork (self-proclaimed), stomped along confidently at the head of his army. From behind him came a constant cacophony of snarls and shouts, with the occasional blood-curdling scream followed by the sound of splintering bone. Mush tried not to think about how many squig handlers they had left. It was fewer than they had started with, but they were nearly at their destination. It would be enough.

Movement flitted through the trees beside the path they were following. They were enemy scouts on wolves. There was no point in trying to chase them. They were too quick. And by now the alarm would already have been raised. 

Mush smirked evilly to himself. His foe knew he was coming, but that would not save him.


Skuzzbutt tried to sit calmly atop his spider as his warriors scurried about around him in a frenzy of activity. His legions of spear-armed goblins stood at the ready in relatively tidy ranks, the occasional non-rusty bit of armour shining in the weak sunlight. Chariots rolled into position with remarkably few parts falling off as they went. Atop the towers nearby,
voices could be heard arguing about what they would skewer first with their spear chukkas. Skuzzbutt felt his heart swell with pride at the sight of such martial prowess. 

Nearby, a gaggle of tiny snotlings milled about, crashing into each other haphazardly. They were a motley group, equipped with old rusted saucepans, broken weapons and the odd rock. Skuzzbutt knew that they also figured they were ranking up and preparing for battle, but he also knew that their enthusiasm for outweighed their potential. He tried not to think about it. Hopefully they would trip up the enemy more than his own forces.

Scouts reported that the enemy were bringing a lot more squigs with them this time. Well, Skuzzbutt was ready. Let them come.

Chapter 3: The attack on the Forgotten Fort 

Skuzzbutt and his allies had set up their headquarters in an old, long-abandoned human fort. The walls were mostly rubble, however a few structures had been salvaged in a semi-permanent manner using the questionable wonders of goblin engineering. The mostly intact ancient Sigmarite temple had been defaced and "updated" to reflect the leanings of the new tenants. All in all, the settlement was an indefensible abomination. And now it was under attack.

The Armies
Skuzzbutt's Home Guard
  • Skuzzbutt - Goblin Warboss on Gigantic Spider with Gambler's Armour, Sword of Might, Shield
  • Idjit - Goblin Big Boss with Battle Standard, Charmed Shield, Sword of Battle, Light Armour
  • The Mad Gik - Goblin Shaman (Level 2)
  • Razzie - Goblin Big Boss with 2 Hand Weapons, Light Armour
  • Groucho's Ladz - 30 Goblins with Spears, Shields, Light Armour, Full Command, 1 Nasty Skulker
  • Grumpo's Ladz - 30 Goblins with Spears, Shields, Light Armour, Full Command, 1 Nasty Skulker
  • Lumpo's Legion - 30 Goblins with Hand Weapons, Shields, Light Armour, Full Command, 1 Nasty Skulker
  • 10 Goblin Wolf Riders with Spears, Shields, Light Armour, Full Command
  • 5 Goblin Wolf Riders with Short Bows, Light Armour, Musician
  • 5 Goblin Wolf Riders with Short Bows, Light Armour, Musician
  • Goblin Wolf Chariot
  • Goblin Wolf Chariot
  • Snotling Pump Wagon
  • Snotling Pump Wagon
  • Snotlings (2 Bases)
  • Snotlings (2 Bases)
  • Spear Chukka
  • Spear Chukka
True to Skuzzbutt's plans, I basically stuffed as many spearmen as possible into the army. However, unlike Skuzzbut, I knew that the spears were unlikely to help in the face of lots of squigs. So I added a couple of extra elements that would hopefully give the game some semblance of balance - a pair each of Goblin Chariots and Snotling Pump Wagons. And some Snotling bases to fill out the list a bit. Why not?

Mush's Home Wreckers
  • Mush - Night Goblin Great Shaman (Level 3) with Earthing Rod
  • Room - Night Goblin Big Boss with Battle Standard, Shrieking Blade, Light Armour
  • Max Club - Night Goblin Big Boss with Berserker Sword (Club), Light Armour
  • Hoppo - Night Goblin Big Boss on Great Cave Squig with Spear, Light Armour, Shield
  • Parry's ladz - Night Goblins with Hand Weapons, Shields, Full Command, Netters, 1 Fanatic
  • Stabba's ladz - Night Goblins with Spears, Shields, Full Command, 1 Fanatic
  • Jabba's ladz - Night Goblins with Spears, Shields, Full Command, 1 Fanatic
  • Robbing Hood's Arrer Boyz - Night Goblins with Short Bows, Boss, Musician, 1 Fanatic
  • Squig Herd with 12 Squigs, 6 Handlers
  • Squig Herd with 12 Squigs, 6 Handlers
  • 8 Squig Hoppers
  • 8 Squig Hoppers
  • 3 Stone Trolls
  • Mangler Squig
Tim was relatively restrained in terms of how many Squigs he stuffed into the list. I mean, there are plenty of them there, but he could have had even more. He also continued to keep a lid on the number of Fanatics he was putting in his units. The whole thing was an exercise in restraint, really.

Given this was an attacker/defender scenario, we decided that the Skuzzbutt's forces should completely set up first, but would get the first turn automatically. We also decided in the end to ban vanguard moves, as it would have been too easy for me to drag out fanatics before the enemy could even move.

Skuzzbutt's defenders form up around the ruins of the fort as the Mush and Room's attackers emerge from the trees.