The Battle of Vanhaldenschlosse

In honour of the new The Grim & The Grave expansion for Total War: Warhammer, we were invited to organise one of our traditional battle reports based around the characters being added to the game. We will then go back and try to recreate the battle in Total War, and see how that plays out.

The Battle of Vanhaldenschlosse is an 18,000 point battle report using Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition. It was fought between armies of The Empire and Vampire Counts. There were 6 players in total:

The Empire: Tim Stewart, Nick Hoen and me
Vampire Counts: James Brett, Peter Spiller and Ben Morrison

This is the main page for the battle report. From here you can navigate to any of the parts of the report, or you can go from post to post using the links within them.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 (Conclusion)

After the battle was done, we went back and tried to recreate it in Total War. Here were the results:
Total War Report

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