Friday, 29 April 2011


Dwarfs are not one of my original armies. The friend who started playing Warhammer with me has always been a Dwarf player, so for a long time I regarded it as his race, and left it alone. However, I always loved the history of the Dwarfs, with their great fallen cities and bitter feuds. They make for great story-driven games and have a lot of character.

I also love the old Marauder-era models of Dwarfs, with their big noses and serious personality. In my opinion these old Dwarfs are far superior to the current ranges, so it was when these models started to disappear that I decided I had to move if I ever wanted to own them.

Unfortunately when I painted this army up (in 7th edition), the playing style of Dwarfs was not entirely to my liking. I managed to get the army painted for a 2500pt tournament, but stopped straight after that. I have barely even played a game with them since then. This also means that my painted force is really not suited to 8th ed (some of my forces absorbed the change through sheer size, but when it's a bare-bones force to begin with, that was never going to happen here).

This army is somewhat forgotten. Hopefully I will get back to them soon, and they can get the attention they deserve.

My Dwarf Army

Dwarf characters


Old-school Longbeards

Modern Longbeards. In a flash of genius a few years ago, I painted them to match the old ones. Together with the grudge pony to pad them out, it makes for a unit of 50. Huzzah, something 8th-ed compatible...

Old Ironbreakers. Tend to get used as Warriors. Sucks to be them. :-(


Old Bugman's Rangers. Not enough of them to be useful. Need to paint more.


My vast array of painted war machines. Fear them, etc.

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