Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Masters preparation - time is up

Well, it's still a couple of days until the Masters, however I find myself in a situation where I am unlikely to get any more preparation done. Prior engagements, coupled with the need to fly interstate to the event on the evening before (instead of painting frantically up until the last minute) are crippling my efforts. As such, I am going to have to settle for what I've done so far.
22 Halberdiers, ready for action. Well, sort of ready. As ready as they're going to be...
 Close enough is good enough, right? Often I tend to subscribe to this phrase when it comes to painting. I am lazy, and if the thing looks finished enough, I may well leave it that way. In this case however, the models are clearly not done. What still needs to be done before they could properly be called finished (to my rather moderate standards)? 

  • The flesh still needs a highlight of Dwarf Flesh, then an extreme highlight of Elf Flesh
  • The purple needs a final highlight of my lightest pre-mixed purple
  • The wood needs a highlight of Bestial Brown
  • The black areas need to be re-painted. What shows through now is just undercoat, and it's a mess
  • The various bows and sashes on the models need to be painted and highlighted (maybe red)
  • The standard top needs to be painted, and the banner needs a design
  • Paint any hair/beards that are present on some models
  • The bases require static grass
Hardly anything, right? They're practically done! Well obviously this is not true, however they do look pretty much "painted" to a basic tabletop standard, so I guess what I have is servicable.
Most of the models I've been painting here are converted Spearmen from 6th edition starter set. Here are some examples, along with a proper Halberdier on the end (there are only 3 of them in the batch of 22 models).
The bright side to all this is that I should have no trouble making myself go back and finishing the models properly. If they were too close to done, I would be inclined to leave them that way and move on (close enough is good enough). I have plenty of models in this situation - probably hundreds. However, since they're obviously not finished, I will be able to go back and deal with them properly after Masters. So I guess the whole thing has a silver lining.
The command group. Of all the models, the standard bearer probably shows through the most as being incomplete. A black standard top doesn't help...
Anyway, all that remains is to ensure I pack everything I need, and head off to the tournament. I'm looking forward to it - it should be a fun trip. If I remember (this would be a first), I will try to take some shots of my games at the tournament, so I can explain to you properly how it all went horribly wrong.

Wish me luck!

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