Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Clash of Chaos

A 4500pt 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report with Warriors of Chaos on both sides - Slaanesh and Tzeentch against Nurgle and Khorne.

Scenario: Watchtower
Slaanesh and Tzeentch: Greg Johnson
Nurgle and Khorne: Owen Top

Owen has been spending a fair bit of time painting Chaos models over the last few months. Some of these models are his, however a large number of them are for our friend Ben, who is far too lazy to ever paint them himself. They have arranged a system where Owen paints Ben's stuff in exchange for piles of even more unpainted plastic. It's all very cunning.

A lot of what Owen has been painting has appeared on his blog over time, however it has never all been pulled together for group photos. I decided it was time to address this, and what better way than in a battle report? I borrowed Ben's models (referred to as the Benite Hordes), and they faced off with Owen's own recently painted legions. One regiment of Khorne worshippers abandoned me immediately before the battle, joining forces with the Khorne units already under Owen's control. Otherwise their forces are a clean split of Khorne and Nurgle (Owen) vs Slaanesh and Tzeentch (Ben). It made for a logical divide.

Given the point of this report was to put as much of the recently painted stuff onto the table as we could, the game size was dictated by the models available. Owen managed to scrape together 4500pts, so I matched that with the Benite Hordes and we were off!

Deep in the Chaos Wastes, where the land is a distorted nightmare and the air tingles with untapped magic, two mighty armies arrived at the same destination. In a barren valley, devoid of life, stood a strange tower. Its sides glowed with powerful energy, giving an eerie light to everything around it. At its top was what appeared to be an altar - one constructed of rock, flesh and bone in equal parts. Only in the Chaos Wastes could one find such a thing, and even there it was an unusual sight. The tower was dangerous, and offered great power to the one who controlled it.

Zaraash K'Yaargh, Lord of Khorne, Scourge of the Weak, Titan of the Battlefield and Collector of Pressed Butterflies, surveyed with field with barely suppressed rage. How dare these insolent fools get in his way? He would kill them all! The Juggernaut beneath him rumbled, hissed and squeaked as it fed off his rage. Zaraash scowled behind his enclosed faceplate. The squeaking noise was unacceptable. It was getting on his nerves, and he worried it undermined his imposing aura. He would have to take it back to his Chaos Dwarf minions to be serviced. As if sensing his displeasure, the great brass beast quieted and became still, although Zaraash could still feel its lust for battle.

At his side stood the hunched form of Cattarh The Bloated. He was a loathesome creature. He had once been a man (at least, Zaraash assumed he had been a man), however his unwholesome worship of Nurgle had changed him into something altogether different. The tattered rags that had once been a hooded robe revealed a twisted mess of flesh and metal. His face was mostly concealed by the hood, however what showed through was scarred and bloated. Cattarh's voice was a ruined mess, and he sounded like he was choking with every word he uttered. He was disgusting, and he made Zaraash angry. But then, a lot of things made Zaraash angry.

"It seems that those who worship the lesser Ruinous Powers share our objective, Lord Zaraash", gurgled Cattarh. Once again, the mere sound of the sorcerer's voice gave Zaraash the urge to hack him down where he stooped. Once more he managed to restrain himself with the knowledge that he needed the foul creature to gain control of the tower. He had neglected to tell Cattarh that he intended to destroy the tower once he was inside, but he would find out soon enough.

"Then we must be certain that we get there first," replied Zaraash. "Prepare your warriors for battle."


The Dread Horde of Zaraash k'Yaargh
General: Owen Top

Owen: "I may very rarely play Warhammer, and I may confuse my self about the rules and lose rather more than average, but there is nothing so pleasing to my heart as the sight of two vast and mighty armies locked in mortal combat. Especially if it ends up being a stupidly large game, and I painted all of it. So when the nefarious and manipulative Lord of Change known as 'Hoodling; The Sourge of Kislev' asked me to partake in a large game using all of my chaos stuff, and almost all fo the benite hordes, I was forced to accept.

My current Chaos army is not the most finely tuned instrument since it consists entirerly of cool modelling and painting ideas with no thought at all given to how it plays, so I'm really not sure if it'll work or not. I have sworn might oaths against cheating (my poor grasp on the 8th ed rules meant I took some illegal things last time I fought the Hoodling) and girded my loins against the coming onslaught."

Owen rolled Fleshy Abundance and Cloying Quagmire for his lesser Sorceror, and then got Magnificent Buboes, Plague Squall, Curse of the Leper and Rot, Glorious Rot on his Sorceror Lord. So, a bit of everything.
Cattarh the Bloated leads the Bile Toad Appreciation Society into battle

CLoK - Chaos Lord of Khorne, Khor'Phaak Zaraash K'Yaargh
A mighty Khor'Phaak (Khorne Lord) and collector of pressed butterflies.
Great weapon; Juggernaut of Khorne; Crown of Command; Dawnstone; The Crimson Armour of Dargan
387 points

SLoN - Sorceror Lord of Nurgle, Cattarh The Bloated
Sorceror Lord of Nurgle and part-time puppy obedience coach.
Level 4 using the Lore of Nurgle Talisman of Preservation; Warrior Familiar
355 points

SoN - Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle, Muccus the Foul
Sorceror of Nurgle and amateur billiards champion of the Chaos Wastes
Level 2 using the Lore of Nurgle Dispel Scroll
    165 points

EHoK - Exalted Hero of Khorne, Charagax Blood-Fist
Khorne hero and seafood salesman
Chaos Runesword; Chaos Armour
    175 points

BSB - Exalted Hero of Nurgle, Shamagoth The Under-The-Weather
Nurgle BSB, lists his hobbies as sneezing, hawking, coughing and spiting.
Army Battle Standard; Banner of Wrath; Great Weapon
208 points

CMoK - 30 Chaos Marauders of Khorne, The Brotherhood of Hackeration
A secretive religious order devoted to hacking things up with rather large axes. Marauder Chieftain; Musician; Standard Bearer; Great Weapons
200 points

CMoN - 30 Chaos Marauders of Nurgle, The Bloated Boyos
A close-harmony male-voice choir, dedicated to singing the praise of Lord Nurgle. Off key.
Marauder Chieftain; Musician; Standard Bearer; Flails
200 points

Dog1 - 5 Chaos Warhounds, A Deluge of Daemonic Doggies
30 points

Dog2 - 5 Chaos Warhounds, A Downpour of Daemonic Doggies
30 points

CWoK1 - 30 Chaos Warriors of Khorne, The Gore Spatterers
They are mean and nasty and don't wash behind their ears.
Champion; Musician; Standard Bearer; Halberds; Shields
570 points

CWoN - 20 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle, The Bile Toad Appreciation Society
On a cheerful road-trip to the next Ms. Leprousy World contest with all their pets along!
Champion; Musician; Standard Bearer; Shields
380 points

CWoK2 - 20 Chaos Warriors of Khorne, The Blood Spillers
Perpetrators of the Great Red Cross Blood Bank Heist of 2011.
Champion; Musician; Standard Bearer; Shields
380 points

MHoK - 5 Marauder Horsemen, The Blood Hooves
Five wildly drunken frat boys out for fun
105 points

CKoN1 - 10 Chaos Knights of Nurgle, The Slug Society
Mighty and enraged warriors who slurp and slosh thier way to war upon great slugs
Knight Champion; Musician; Standard Bearer
480 points

CKoN2 - 10 Chaos Knights of Nurgle, The Fly Bretheren
Large angry men who ride to war upon mighty flies.
Knight Champion; Musician; Standard Bearer
480 points

DO - 3 Dragon Ogres, The Sons of Scrofula
Great diseased dragon ogres who like to steal candy from babies
Light Armour; Great Weapons
231 points

War - Chaos Warshrine, The Sinister Shrine of Shor'Schlop
130 points

The Slug Society advances

Total: 4506 points

The Benighted Hordes
General: Greg Johnson

I am the first to admit that this is not the most carefully constructed Warriors of Chaos army you will ever see. Both of us were making an effort to use most of the models we had available, so the list really represents what I could lay my hands on. I chose a decent wizard, an amusingly dangerous lord and a BSB, and then swept through buying the biggest units I could. You will note there are no Marauders in this list - Ben doesn't have any. In this particular case I don't think that matters, but in more general terms it could be a problem for him.

I rolled +1 armour save on my Chosen, which I was reasonably happy with. 3+ armour would give them a much better chance of living long enough to swing those great weapons. I rolled Mystifying Miasma, The Withering, Enfeebling Foe and Okkam's Mindrazor for my Sorcerer Lord, so I was pretty happy there too.

LoT - Chaos Lord of Tzeentch, Erek the Everchanging
Rides a Disc of Tzeentch. Chaos Armour; Shield; Chaos Daemonsword; Talisman of Protection; Dragonhelm
350 points

SL - Sorcerer Lord, Emund the Elusive
Level 4 Wizard using the Lore of Shadow Chaos Armour; Talisman of Preservation; Sword of Might; Enchanted Shield
350 points

BSB - Exalted Hero of Tzeentch, Earnest the Serious
Rides a Barded Chaos Steed Battle Standard; Great Weapon; Chaos Armour; Talisman of Endurance
199 points

Dog - 5 Chaos Warhounds, The Puppies
30 points

CWoS - 38 Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh, Horde of Distraction
Halberd; Chaos Armour; Standard; Musician; Champion
648 points

CWoT - 30 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch, Guardians of Change
Chaos Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician; Champion
530 points

Chose - 28 Chosen of Chaos Undivided, The Butchers Eternal
Great Weapon; Chaos Armour; Standard; Musician; Champion Rapturous Standard
630 points

CKoT - 9 Chaos Knights of Tzeentch, The Knights of Nie
Barded Chaos Steeds; Ensorcelled Weapons; Chaos Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician; Champion
430 points

CKoS1 - 5 Chaos Knights of Slaanesh, The Armoured Amour
Barded Chaos Steeds; Lance; Chaos Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician; Champion
285 points

CKoS2 - 5 Chaos Knights of Slaanesh, The Tin-Clad Titillators
Barded Chaos Steeds; Lance; Chaos Armour; Shield; Musician
245 points

O1 - 3 Ogres, Mo, Larry and Curly
Heavy Armour
105 points

O2 - 3 Ogres, Beau, Barry and Burly
Heavy Armour
105 points

DO - 5 Dragon Ogres, The Scaly Menace
Great Weapon; Light Armour
385 points

CS - Chaos Spawn, The Special One
55 points

War - Chaos Warshrine of Tzeentch
150 points

Total: 4497 points

The armies face off, with the Benighted Hordes in the north and the Dread Horde of Zaraash k'Yaargh in the south
The Benighted Hordes began the battle in control of the tower, however without any eligible units to occupy it, they were forced to leave it empty whilst still conceding the first turn to the Dread Horde of Zaraash k'Yaargh (curse his unpronouncable name).
The east flank of the deployment of the Dread Horde of Zaraash k'Yaargh
The west flank of the deployment of the Dread Horde of Zaraash k'Yaargh
Both armies deployed with a strong centre, given the objective of the game was the tower in the middle. For the Benighted Hordes, the Sorcerer Lord Emund the Elusive led the Guardians of Change on the central hill. Nearby, the battle standard bearer, Earnest the Serious, took his position in the front rank of the Knights of Nie. In between them, Erek the Everchanging glided into position on his daemonic Disc of Tzeentch. Hands tucked into his sleeves, his posture suggested that he was unconcerned by the teeming horde of rage and puss on the other side of the field.
The east flank of the deployment of the Benighted Hordes
The west flank of the deployment of the Benighted Hordes
Lord Zaraash took his position front and centre, leading the Gore Spatterers down the hill and to inevitable victory over their less worthy rivals. To their left, Charagax Blood-Fist led his warriors, the Blood Spillers into position to seize the tower for their lord. Led by the repulsive trio of Cattarh The Bloated, Muccus the Foul and Shamagoth The Under-The-Weather, the Nurgle infantry contingent deployed in a less manly manner, allowing the Slug Society and the Sons of Scrofula to take the position of honour in the front rank.

Dread Horde of Zaraash k'Yaargh Turn 1
Dread Horde of Zaraash k'Yaargh Turn 1
With a chorus of bloodthirsty roars and unhealthy hacking and coughing, the legions of Zaraash strode forth to do battle. On the west flank the hounds swept forward, eager to engage the enemy. The Blood Hooves were not far behind, whilst the Fly Bretheren drifted along nearby, the rotting wings of the gigantic flies beating frantically to try to keep their armoured riders aloft.
The Nurgle forces advance on the eastern flank
On the east flank the remaining warhounds also charged forward, heedless of their lack of support. The centre of the line advanced at best speed, however this was rather slow for the Blood Spillers, who had to wade through waist-deep blood as they stomped down the unholy river that crossed the field.
Blood for the Blood God! The river of blood slows the advance of the Khorne forces to the west of the tower
Summoning the winds of magic to him, Muccus the Foul attempted to cast Cloying Quagmire on the Knights of Nie. He was foiled by Emund the Elusive, who stopped the spell with a casual gesture. Grimacing, Muccus followed his effort with Fleshy Abundance upon the Gore Spatterers. This time Emund looked somewhat taxed by the effort, however he still managed to counter the spell. Seeing the exertions of the Tzeentch Sorcerer, Shamagoth the Under-The-Weather summoned forth the energies of his Banner of Wrath and watched with satisfaction as one of the warriors in the Guardians of Change was consumed by a lightning bolt and fell to the ground.

The attendants upon the Warshrine pleaded for the loving attention of the Chaos Gods upon the Gore Spatterers, and were rewarded when they took on a terrible aspect and caused Fear in their enemies.

The Benighted Hordes Turn 1
The Benighted Hordes Turn 1
The Dragon Ogres of the Scaly Menace charged the impetuous warhounds on the hill in front of them, and then tried to redirect their charge onto the Slug Knights closer to the centre. They fell short, however this did not stop Lord Erek the Everchanging from swooping into them on his Disc.
Going it alone - coz that's how real Chaos Lords roll
On the west flank, the Puppies bounded forward to engage their fellow doggies in a licking contest - may the best tongues win. The Spawn shot forward beside them, clearly excited by the early promise of bloodshed. It stopped just short of the Blood Hooves, who waved their flails about excitedly. The rest of the army advanced as best it could, although both groups of Knights of Slaanesh found themselves caught behind the shambling forms of the Scaly Menace as they failed to reach their targets.

Emund the Elusive retaliated against the enemy magic with his own magical assault. He cast the Enfeebling Foe upon the Gore Spatterers, however the Nurgle worshippers produced a Dispel Scroll to ensure that the attempt was foiled. They then easily dealt with Emund's follow up of Mystifying Miasma, and he was left with nothing to show for his efforts. The enemy wizards had the upper hand.

The attendants upon the Warshrine of Tzeentch beseeched their lord to bless the Butchers Eternal, and he saw fit to make them truly hideous, causing Terror. Clearly this was in retaliation to Fear from the enemy Shrine. Anything you can do, I can do better...

The Puppies leapt into combat, however their enthusiasm was not matched by their talent and they didn't hurt anyone. In return, one puppy was licked to death and the combat was a stalemate.

The Slug Society prepared themselves as Erek the Everchanging glided in upon his Disc. He issued a challenge in a mocking tone, and was answered in kind by the Knights' Champion. Even as he rode slimily forward however, the Tzeentch Lord whirled into motion. From beneath his robes appeared a horrific blade, which keened immediately for blood and seemed to leap forward to attack on its own. The Knight Champion was butchered before he could prepare to defend himself, and the combat was lost. This only served to anger the fallen Knight's brethren however, and they closed ranks against their arrogant opponent, even as he demeaned their pitiful efforts.
The Slug Knights mourn the loss of their Champion

Dread Horde of Zaraash k'Yaargh Turn 2
Dread Horde of Zaraash k'Yaargh Turn 2
On the west flank, the Blood Hooves hefted their flails and charged into Spawn, which waited for them with welcoming tentacles. At the same time, the Slaaneshi Warriors in the Horde of Distraction found themselves assaulted by both the Knights of the Fly Brethren, and the lunatic Marauders of the Brotherhood of Hackeration, as they splashed through the bloody river.
All rowdy on the western front
The Slaanesh Warriors receive the combined charge from the Khorne Marauders and Nurgle Knights
Seeing the advancing Chosen of the Butchers Eternal, Zaraash called for his Gore Spatterers to charge, however they found the distance too great and lost their momentum. The Sons of Scrofula had the same problem, and failed to reach the enemy Dragon Ogres. The Blood Spillers continued to slog their way through the river of blood; they were now within spitting distance of the tower.
The battle lines close in on each other
Once again Muccus the Foul attempted to cast Cloying Quagmire on the Knights of Nie, and this time Emund decided the Knights could take their chances. One Chaos Knight was sucked to his doom, and Earnest the Serious nearly suffered the same fate - he was only saved by a failed armour save (oh, the irony) - he was not as heavy as he seemed! Having seen the success of his henchman, Cattarh the Bloated stirred into life and attempted to cast Rot, Glorious Rot; however, it was dispelled. His final effort to cast Magnificent Buboes was half-hearted and failed.

Moving to surround their enemy, the Slug Society closed in on Erek the Everchanging. However, if they thought he would go quietly, they were mistaken. His mocking laughter reached a cackling crescendo as he struck about him with his daemonic blade. 5 Knights fell before they could strike, and this was too much for their companions, who turned and fled. Erek remained where he was, turning to face the centre of the field and concealing the fact that in his recklessness, he had in fact wounded himself. Such are the dangers of Daemon-possessed weapons.

The demise of the Slug Society was exceedingly upsetting to Cattarh the Bloated and his entourage of Nurgle Warriors. The screaming of slaughtered Knights and horses, and the daemonic laughter, loaded with bloodlust seeming to come from everywhere, was too much. They turned and fled, rushing through the still-fleeing warhounds and departing the field. Zaraash howled his frustration at his departing "ally", and vowed never again to trust a Sorceror.
Cattarh the Bloated leads his entourage from the field, abandoning his allies to their fate
The Blood Hooves crashed into the Chosen One, hacking about with their flails. They wounded it twice, however it managed to drag one of their number down in return, and seemed unconcerned by the damage it had taken. Nearby, the Puppies redoubled their efforts and managed to bring down 2 of the enemy warhounds. They ignored their losses and continued to brawl.
Let's get ready to rummmmble!
The Fly Brethren crashed into the Horde of Distraction and cut down 5 of their number. The Brotherhood of Hackeration also managed to bring down 5 Warriors, however not before a terrible toll had been reaped upon them by the Slaaneshi worshippers. Pieces of Marauder flew into the air as they were cut apart with brutal strokes. 20 of their number died, as did their champion in an ill-advised challenge. The carnage was too much, and both the Marauders and the Knights fled. For their part, the Horde of Distraction seemed unconcerned with catching their opponents and instead looked for something else to distract them (they pursued 3 inches).
The horror... Where did all the Marauders go??

The Benighted Hordes Turn 2
The Benighted Hordes Turn 2
After a series of false starts, the Dragon Ogres of the Scaly Menace finally engaged their brethren of the Sons of Scrofula. Behind them the Tin-Clad Titillators spurred their mounts on to assist, however they fell short.
The armoured lines collide with an ear-shattering crash
In the centre of the field, the battle began in earnest. The Butchers Eternal crashed into the front of Zaraash and his Gore Spatterers, whilst Erek the Everchanging swept through the trees and into their flank, supported by the Ogres - Moe, Larry and Curly. On the other side of the tower, the Horde of Distraction surged through the river and into the flank of the Blood Spillers. 

Amid all the charges, the rest of the Benighted Hordes consolidated their positions. The Knights of Nie ride toward the centre of the field, whilst a second wave of Knights and Warriors stepped up behind. Emund the Elusive threw all of his sorcerous powers into the Enfeebling Foe, and succeeded in lowering the Strength of the Gore Spatterers by 1. To compound their misery, the Warshrine again offered its blessing to the Butchers Eternal, granting them +1 Toughness.

The Scaly Brethren lost one of their number to the Sons of Scrofula, however they took a heavier toll upon their foes, almost cutting down two in return. The combat was theirs, and the Sons of Scrofula broke, narrowly evading their opponents.
Despite their considerably swollen guts, the Sons of Scrofula manage to outpace their pursuing kindred
Finding themselves charged from multiple directions, their strength sapped and their enemies fortified, the Gore Spatterers praised Khorne and prepared to sell their lives dearly. Erek the Everchanging brandished his horrific blade once more, however this time he paid a terrible price. Even as he cut down 2 of his enemies, the blade seemed to twist and writhe in his hand as it turned upon him. Not satisfied with the blood of his enemies, it was after his own instead! With a shriek of dismay he failed to prevent the blade plunging into his own chest and he toppled from his Disc.

Apparently unconcerned with the fate of their Lord, the Ogres beat down another Khorne Warrior, even as the Warriors leapt at the Chosen, who were still readying their great weapons. 8 wounding blows were landed, however all but 2 were turned aside by the enhanced armour of the Chosen. The Champions of the respective units faced off, however the Gore Spatterer could not land a telling blow and was cut down in return. Rallying his Warriors to him, Zaraash cut down 3 Chosen even as they swung their brutal axes into action. 17 of the Gore Spatterers were hacked down, barely leaving a full rank standing. However, Zaraash bellowed orders and his enchanted crown demanded they be obeyed. The Spatterers held their ground and fought to the last.
With magic and the Gods' favour stacked against them, the Gore Spatterers take a hiding
The Horde of Distraction crashed into the flank of the Blood Spillers, even as Charagax Blood-Fist stepped across to face them. A challenge bellowed by the Slaanesh Champion was accepted by his Khornate counterpart, and they cut each other down with simultaneous blows. Charagax killed one Warrior and his regiment killed another, however the halberds of the enemy claimed the Exalted Hero and 4 of his frenzied companions. The combat was lost, however the Blood Spillers refused to break and held in a show of insane courage.
The Blood Spillers refuse to yield to their assailants, as the Marauders make their getaway
The clash of the warhounds continued, with the Puppies claiming another victim for no losses in return. This finally proved too much for the Downpour of Doggies and the turned to flee, only to be dragged down as they broke. The Blood Hooves managed to club the Chosen One to death with their flails, which was a disturbing sight for Beau, Barry and Burly who turned and fled.

Dread Horde of Zaraash k'Yaargh Turn 3
Dread Horde of Zaraash k'Yaargh Turn 3
The battle was going ill, however the commanding cries of Zaraash echoed strangely across the field, and the fleeing Warhounds, Marauders, Dragon Ogres and both units of Knights took heed and turned to rejoin the fight.

Drawing encouragement from their Lord's defiant cries, the Bloated Boyos charged into the front of the Knights of Nie. Meanwhile on the west flank, the Blood Hooves charged the fleeing Ogres and ran them down as they bumbled about and ran into each other rather than escaping.
Beau, Barry and Burly run face-first into each other and fall in a heap as the Blood Hooves descend upon them
As his regiment charged into combat, Muccus the Foul threw all of his efforts into casting Fleshy Abundance upon his own unit, however it failed to get past the enemy defences. The Warshrine again gave its blessing, this time granting +1 armour to the Gore Spatterers. Would it be enough?

The uneven struggle between the Blood Spillers and the Horde of Distraction continued, with the Slaaneshi worshippers losing 2 Warriors and claiming 3 in return. The ongoing assault proved too much and the Blood Spillers broke, however they outdistanced their pursuers who ran into the recently rallied Marauders instead.

Zaraash bellowed a challenge and it was accepted by the Champion of the Butchers Eternal. Zaraash was narrowly victorious, however this did not save his entourage. The Gore Spatterers dragged down an Ogre, however the relentless assault from the axes of the Butchers was too great and they were wiped out. Zaraash fought on, undeterred.
And then there was one. A very stubborn, grumpy one.
As the Bloated Boyos arrived in combat with the Knights of Nie, Shamagoth the Under-The-Weather managed to cough out a challenge. This was accepted by Earnest the Serious, and they set about each other with their great weapons. Unfortunately Shamagoth was struck by a debilitating bout of coughing, and was unceremoniously cut in two by his opponent. This unsporting behaviour was applauded by the devious Tzeentch, who was watching intently and granted his champion +1 Strength that he might cut down people from behind even more convincingly next time. As the combat swirled around the challenge, Muccus the Foul was wounded and 6 of his comrades were cut down for the loss of no Knights. However, the weight of numbers and the strident voice of Zaraash held them in place.
The Bloated Boyos crash into the Knights of Nie, but are stopped dead in their tracks

The Benighted Hordes Turn 3
The Benighted Hordes Turn 3
Seeking to finish what they started, the Dragon Ogres of the Scaly Menace charged the remnant of the Sons of Scrofula as the rallied at the base of the hill. Behind them the Tin-Clad Titillators continued their advance, whilst the forces toward the centre of the field began to shift toward the west, and the weaker flank.

Seeing an opportunity to deal a serious blow to the exceedingly stubborn Zaraash, Emund the Elusive cast Okkam's Mindrazor on Larry and Curly (Moe had fallen victim to the Gore Spatterers the previous turn). Despite the distraction of a group of Chaos Knights trying to cut him down, Muccus the Foul managed to stop the spell. The follow-up of Mystifying Miasma failed, and Zaraash was free to continue his combat unimpeded.

In a flurry of great weapons, Zaraash cut down 2 Chosen of the Butchers Eternal, however he was wounded in return. He held firm, even as his opponents reformed into a more conservative formation.

The Scaly Menace lost another Dragon Ogre to the Sons of Scrofula, however this time they made no mistake and wiped their opponents out. They surged on and overran into the flank of the Slug Knights, who had rallied near the edge of the battlefield.

The Horde of Distraction made short work of the remnant of the Brotherhood of Hackeration, and they were cut down to a man. The Slaaneshis continued their surge, however it was not enough to reach the rear of the fleeing Blood Spillers.
The Knights of Nie and Bloated Boyos fight on
The struggle between the Knights of Nie and the Bloated Boyos continued. Muccus the Foul continued to avoid the blows of the frustrated Knights, however the Marauders were less fortunate, and 4 of them fell along with another 4 from Earnest the Serious (who really meant business). Nevertheless, the Boyos still had weight of numbers on their side and steadfastly refused to break.

Dread Horde of Zaraash k'Yaargh Turn 4
Dread Horde of Zaraash k'Yaargh Turn 4
Seeing their masters in trouble (and worried that there would be no slug left for them to eat), the Deluge of Doggies charged into the rear of the Scaly Menace as they crashed into the flank of the Slug Knights.
Alas, brave doggies! We hardly knew thee
On the far side of the field, the Fly Brethren saw the rear of the Horde of Distraction exposed and charged into combat, buying time for the Blood Spillers who rallied to watch the fun. Meanwhile the Blood Hooves finished picking pieces of Ogre out of their flails and rode back across the river toward the battle.
The Fly Knights take advantage of the Horde of Distraction exposing their rear. Very Slaanesh, really...
Continuing his show of magical superiority, Muccus the Foul once again cast Fleshy Abundance upon his unit of Marauders. Emund the Elusive tried to counter the spell, however he failed and the Marauders felt their regenerative juices flowing. Buoyed by his success, Muccus then cast Cloying Quagmire on the Tin-Clad Titillators irresistibly! The Knights appeared unconcerned and easily navigated their way through the mush, however in his enthusiasm Muccus forgot how to cast the spell in the future.
Muccus the Foul demonstrates his mad magical skillz, even as the Knights try to cut him down
In a pitiful display of pleading and grovelling, the Warshrine attendants finally got the full attention of Nurgle and he saw fit to grant Stubborn and a 4+ ward save to the Fly Brethren. The Knights's eyes glowed green with pestilent power, and the weakening flapping of their mounts accelerated to a deep and powerful hum. Clearly energised by this, the Knights slaughtered 8 Warriors of the Horde of Distraction as they struggled to fend off the enemy to their rear. No Knights fell in return, however the Warriors managed to maintain discipline and turned to face their assailants.

The Deluge of Doggies found that they had bitten off more than they could chew with the Dragon Ogres. Their Fear overcame them and they cowered as their foes turned and swatted 4 of them with their massive axes. This proved too much for both the Warhounds and the Slug Knights, and the Dragon Ogres gleefully chased down the Knights as they fled, leaving the sole survivor of the Doggies to slink off with his tail between his legs.

Aided by their regeneration, the Bloated Boyos put up sterner opposition to the Knights of Nie. 2 Knights fell - 1 to the Marauders and another to Muccus himself. Unfortunately it was not enough for them to gain the upper hand, and indeed Muccus finally succumbed to the Knights attacking him, even though the Boyos held their ground once more.

Zaraash continued to struggle with the Butchers Eternal, cutting down 2 and goading his Juggernaut on as it gored another. He took another axe in the side however, and still could not get the better of his opponents. He stubbornly held his ground and fought on.

The Benighted Hordes Turn 4
The Benighted Hordes Turn 4
Exultant after their string of triumphs, the Scaly Menace swept across the hill behind enemy lines and into the rear of the Blood Spillers. They were joined by the Warshrine, which charged into the front of the unit.

The Guardians of Change swung around the tower in an effort to support the Horde of Distraction, however Emund the Elusive stepped out of the unit and into blinding pillar of light that was the heart of the tower. By means unknown he materialised at the top of the structure, giving him a commanding view of the field.
Emund the Elusive is king of the castle
The Winds of Magic slowed to a trickle, however Emund was still able to gather enough power to cast the Enfeebling Foe on the Fly Brethren below, lowering their Strength by 2. To make their task even tougher, the Warshrine shifted its focus to the Horde of Distraction, hardening their armour.

The combat between the Bloated Boyos and the Knights of Nie finally came to a head as the damage being done to the Marauders saw them suddenly outnumbered. Their safety in numbers gone, they turned and ran only to be ridden down as the Knights released their pent up frustration.

Zaraash k'Yaargh continued his heroic last stand in the face of the seemingly limitless numbers of the Butchers Eternal. He laid about him with his axe, cutting down 4 of their number, however it was not enough. Even as he turned to dispatch the last of his opponents, an axe cut deep into his back, his armour no defence against the force of the blow. It was a mortal wound and as Zaraash felt the strength leeching from his body, he was dragged from his saddle and disappeared beneath the armoured tide of the Chosen around him.
The Slaanesh Warriors turn to fight the enfeebled Fly Knights
Having absorbed the shock of the charge, the Horde of Distraction had turned to face their mounted assailants. They unleashed a flurry of blows against the Fly Brethren, however they were tired from their earlier exertions and could find no weakness in the Knights' defence. In return they lost 2 of their number, despite their hardened armour and the apparent weakness of the attacks of the enemy. They had been bested again, and this time they lacked the numbers to reassure them. They turned to flee but were cut down by the Fly Brethren as they buzzed on toward the struggling Blood Spillers.
The Fly Brethren pursue toward the Blood Spillers as they defend themselves from the Warshrine and Dragon Ogres
For their part, surrounded as they were, the Blood Spillers fought valiantly. The back rank turned to face the onrushing Dragon Ogres, and before the huge beasts could fight they had lost one of their number to the swords of the Warriors. In return the Scaly Menace cut down most of the back rank with their massive weapons. This, combined with the charge of the Warshrine, proved too much for the already battered Blood Spillers. They broke and fled past the Warshrine in their haste to escape the Dragon Ogres behind them, their flight taking them straight through the Fly Brethren as they approached. This was an unexpected turn and all the colour and commotion proved extremely confusing for the enormous flies with their one thousand eyes. They turned and joined the stampede away from the pursuing enemy, their recent victory all but forgotten.
Gah, we lost a combat! Every man (and fly) for themselves!
Khor'Phaak Zaraash K'Yaargh had fallen, and his army was all but lost. With nobody of note left to command the remnants, Khorne and Nurgle lost interest in the battle and turned their attentions elsewhere. There would be other Champions more worthy to contest this sorcerous tower, but for now they would have to tolerate it falling into the taloned hands of their rivals.

The battle was over.

Winner: The Benighted Hordes of Tzeentch and Slaanesh

Aftermath - Dread Horde of Zaraash k'Yaargh

Owen: "Well, that went about as expected. Except that Greg rolled well, and I rolled like Greg and my units ran away and Greg's lord could only be stopped by Greg's lord...

if nothing else, it was a very chaotic game, and khorne will be most pleased by the offering of blood. I just wish that it was the blood of my enemies, rather than the blood of my loyal troops...

Khorne won't be phased. The true winner in this game is obviously Khorne. All praise him!"

Aftermath - The Benighted Hordes

Well, that went better than expected. I spent much of the game actually rolling OK, and my army proved a good match for Owen's forces. In truth, this second factor was a major one. For all that both armies were constructed from whatever we had available, the painted choices in the Benite Hordes appear to be stronger than those in Owen's collection. Units such as 30 Khorne Marauders are all well and good, but only if they're going to get to swing first. Using great weapons means this is never going to be the case, so the unit is not big enough. The old Khorne Warriors with shields look great, however it's a thoroughly impractical kit out for them. Tzeentch Warriors with shields make sense and get a 5+ parry, but a Khorne Warrior gets no parry at all! I think I will see what we can do about mixing those models around and giving them something a bit more choppy.

The combat between the Chosen and the Khorne Warriors with halberds promised to be critical, however by the time the combat was fought, Owen's troops were at -1 Strength, I was +1 Toughness, and I already had a 3+ save. It meant things ended up being a bit one-sided as you probably noticed. My lord cutting himself down with his daemonsword (he rolled 4 1s to hit on 7 attacks, and ended up killing himself outright, even if he hadn't already wounded himself) could have been critical, however as it was my Chosen had things well in hand.

The panic test that sent the Nurgle Sorcerer Lord and his entourage from the table in the second turn was important. It gave me magical supremacy very early on, as well as losing Owen one of his better units without it striking a blow in anger. It was a cruel blow so early in the game, and seemed to set the tone for much of what was to follow.

There were some amusing rolls in the game, not least my BSB failing his Initiative 6 test against Cloying Quagmire, only to be saved by my inability to roll a 1+ armour save! Owen suddenly pulled out the stops with his rolls near the end (when it was a bit late, really) with the Knights pulling a 4+ ward save and stubborn from the Warshrine, and going to town on my poor Slaanesh Warriors. Unfortunately they undermined their success with that final panic test, but as it turned out the game was over anyway. I rolled the 6 required to end the game at the first possible opportunity and this coincided well with much of Owen's remaining army collapsing and killing the contest.

In all it was good to get all of the Chaos stuff Owen has been painting out on the table, and I'm looking forward to the time when we start playing games with all these models on the same side...
9000pts of Chaos awaits deployment

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