Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Ogre Volley Gun finished

The push toward Convic continues, and I'm doing my best to get on top of the painting situation. I have 2 more evenings in which to prepare, so obviously I'm running out of time. On the bright side though, the Ogre carrying the Helblaster Volley Gun is finished!
My Ogre Volley Gun, ready to go!
It may be heavy, but it's worth the back pain for all the fun you can have with it...
Well, I say finished but in truth I intend to add some more detail to him later. He's a bit plain, especially at the back. I wouldn't mind making some specific crewmen to follow him about too. But those details can wait until I have a bit more time, after Convic.The challenge now will be making myself actually follow through on that, since it's very easy to shove a "finished" model to the side and work on other things, rather than go the extra mile to further improve it.
From the back, he could do with some more detail
I plan to add a bit more detail to the back of the gun
As for the rest of my to-do list, it's relatively under control at this point (thanks largely to my being up until 1am last night). The Wolfygryphs are very nearly finished - they need eyes painted, and some touching up on the white fur. The Knight still needs the cloth on his horn painted, and his horse and face need some attention. Then he'll be good to go.
My remaining works in progress
Once these models are done, I need to try preparing and painting some of those metal movement trays I bought months ago. I don't have finished trays of the right size at the moment. I also want to paint up some 60mm round bases for my artillery. The ETC requires them to be on bases, so I figure I might as well get them done now.

Nearly there...

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