Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Adding a little more character

As part of my preparation for Book of Grudges, I had a small amount of painting to do. I knew I wouldn't have that much time to work on things (turns out the jet-lag got to me a bit too, which made things harder), so I planned my list to require fairly minimal effort. In the end I needed to paint 4 infantry characters - 2 Light Wizards, a Witch Hunter and a General of the Empire. However I had a few different plans for what I wanted to use for Light Wizards, and ended up painting an extra one whilst I was at it. This is how they all turned out. There are one or two small things I need to do to them - an extreme highlight on some gold and eyes for those that need them - but they're basically done.
My General of the Empire. I have realised that I probably need a lot more General/Captain models on foot for all my infantry units, so this guy is the first step toward that.
My first Witch Hunter. This guy wasn't all that much fun to paint because I figured he'd be in pretty drab colours, but at least he didn't take forever.
My actual Light Wizard model, from back in 4th edition. This guy played the role of the Level 1 Wizard at BoG.
This was my Level 4 Wizard at BoG. The model is actually an Augur from the Sisters of Sigmar Mordheim warband.
And finally, I have a huge number of Bretonnian Damsels sitting about and I like the models, so I stole one for my Empire army. I changed her little wand into a staff, which I'm reasonably happy with. She didn't get to take part in BoG, however - she was the unlucky one that got voted out.
It always feels good to know that I have something newly painted in the army when I arrive at a tournament. Axemaster is the next one, a bit over a month away. I have already made a list I quite like for the event, and I'll only have to paint up 2 new models for it. Of course, those models are an Arch Lector on War Altar and a Celestial Hurricanum, so this could be interesting...

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