Sunday, 21 April 2013

New page added - Tournament Reports

It's amazing to see how much content has accumulated on the blog since its inception nearly 2 years ago. Things have a habit of getting buried over time, and I figured I needed to do something more to help people find what they might be looking for (or what they might not even know is there).

Despite it being one of my goals for the blog, I have not yet managed to put together a really good number of high-quality battle reports. Whilst I still intend to work on this, it occurs to me that I have something along a similar vein, in the form of my tournament reports. Some of these are basically a Battle Report "Lite". They are also all competitive games from events, so they're actually of more interest to some people than your average scratch game-style battle report.

On the Tournament Reports page you will find links to all of the events I have covered since starting the blog. At present the count is up to 11 events, including some 70 games in total. It's no wonder I feel a sense of tournament burn-out sometimes...

Anyway, if you like to read about games of Warhammer and haven't seen these before, take a look.

Tournament Reports Page

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