Tuesday, 14 May 2013

More Ogre Halberdiers

Last night I sat down at the painting table and decided to make use of some of those Empire Ogre bits I've started producing en masse. A bit of gluing, filing and cutting later, I found myself with 2 more Ogre Halberdiers!
2 Ogre Halberdiers, ready for some paint.
As seen from the other side.
The process last night was not exactly perfect, but it was still gratifying to see how quickly I could produce 2 unique models once I had all the components at my disposal. I still ended up shaving bits off and replacing the odd thing (like the hand on the guy with green sleeves - there was a putty hand there to begin with, but I liked this plastic hand better), and once the bits were glued together, there was a bit of gap-filling done with some more putty. By and large however, it all came together pretty well.
Here they are with my other recent addition.
I'd be lying if I said I had carefully planned these models out before I started putting bits together. I kind of just looked at which legs and torsos would work together, and what arms I had available, and went from there. I was expecting to make a guy holding a weapon in 2 hands, much like the guy on the left with the Orc under his foot, but with the weapon head up in the air (basically the halberd would be reversed from how that guy is holding it). But then I used the left arm on the guy in the middle, and didn't have another copy ready... As I say, it was all carefully planned.

The completion of these 3 guys means I now have 6 Ogre Halberdiers, all in relatively similar outfits. That's about the limit of my plans for them, although I will have to consider making some command models so that I can field them together in an Ogre Kingdoms army. I probably need to make puffy-sleeved standard and bellower arms. Shouldn't be too hard. Maybe that will be my next step. But first I think I want to paint these guys.


  1. Puffy sleeved Ogres are far to classy for bellowing. They would naturally make use of the bagpipes, manliest and most pimp-tacular of instruments.

    1. I'm not sure that I agree with the bagpipes, but you're right - I should probably be using instruments rather than bellowing.

  2. I love these models. Greg, if you were to make a couple holding great weapons (swords preferably) id strongly consider buying a few myself as a cool greatsword unit filler.

    1. Cheers Daniel.

      At some point I will do Greatsword Ogres, but as I don't yet have any painted Greatswords, they're not yet top of my list. I'll let you know when they do...