Friday, 8 November 2013

Another finished Mangler Squig

I think I need a bigger mace...
4 days after I decided to try to sculpt a couple of Mangler Squigs from scratch, the second one is completed. He is very different from the first one, but in the end I am pretty happy with them both. They came together much faster than I feared they would, and with only a rough idea in my head of how I wanted them to look, I'm very satisfied with the final product.

This guy was only half-finished at the start of today. Late last night I had attacked him with a bit of green stuff and a dremel in a few places, before deciding I had done enough and I was starting to handle and have to re-work what I was doing before it had set (the dangers of over-enthusiasm). Then this afternoon I managed to find the time to pull out more green stuff, and get him to a point that I decided was good enough.
This guy is much happier than the first one I made, who was clearly a real sour-puss. The teeth were one of the things I was most worried about on these guys, particularly with the open mouth. In the end I think they turned out fine, which was a relief.
I was originally aiming for a classic Squig-like pose of almost teetering on one leg, mid-spring. In the end it proved a little hard, and I settled for making him look like he is just scooting along on his belly. He still has more movement than the first one.
Unlike the first guy (who ended up missing out), I decided I would try scales this time round. I think it sort of worked, and it meant he had enough detail that the extra blades and stuff felt unnecessary.
I then waited what was probably the bare minimum amount of time before undercoating him, as I wanted to paint him tonight at painting night. Which I did. And this is how he turned out:
Everyone likes a happy Squig. This guy got yellow eyes after the guys convinced me that his mohawk should be green.
Slightly different angle, showing his running gait.
The scales are a little messy, but I'm very happy with the teeth.
Less random detail on this guy. He might look slightly less like a whirling ball of spikes and blades, but he looks plenty dangerous anyway.
And a bit of a view from the other side.
A bit of a size comparison. He looks less happy on this angle, actually...
I realised early on that the second guy was going to be larger than the first. In the end I don't think it really matters. I'm sure Squigs come in all sizes. Might explain why the other guy looks so glum, though. The other guy gets to be bigger, and gets the fabulous hair. Some Squigs get all the luck.
In the end making these guys was quite a lot of fun, and it's possible I might come back and have another crack at making numbers 3 and 4 (for use in larger games). But right now, I'm glad they're done and I can keep working on other things before the World Series in a week.


  1. I like them! I have made my own giant squig as well, so I can appreciate the effort that goes into it. I also like how they have a classic GW feel to them. Great job!

  2. Huzzah! He is as happy as his compatriot is surly. While Squig One is grumping "get off my lawn," Squig Two is all "I can haz lawn?"

    1. Yeah, I'm sure there is an element of the enthusiastic idiot puppy about this guy.

  3. The one on the right's back is positively bristling!