Sunday, 10 August 2014

Empire Ogre Leadbelchers Done

I continue to make progress toward having my Empire-themed Ogres ready for Rumble in the Bronx. I showed the Leadbelchers when they were being constructed, and now they're painted.
3 painted Leadbelchers, ready for battle.
This guy is the closest to a normal Leadbelcher model. He's also the one who doesn't want to rank up properly. Didn't plan that very well...
See, the length of that cannon is a problem (euphemisms ahoy!). Front rank for this guy.
The view from the left side.
He's kinda looking sideways despite being ready to shoot.
My artillery train on the march.
This guy's pose is not ideal. It works to make him look like he's labouring under the weight of the gun, but he is kinda looking at the ground.
I couldn't work out how the straps should work, so I just made sure there were lots of them.
The unit musician. The first I've actually tried to make for this army (I still need to do something for the Ironguts and regular Bulls).
This guy is very hefty. Doesn't have one of my more recent trimmed down torsos.
The hand holding the cannon was a bit rough, but it quickly fell into the "good enough" category.
The horn didn't really work out the way I wanted it to. It's actually a slightly awkward shape to try to make. Next time (if there is a next time) I'll do it in a couple of stages.
Bog standard Ogre head with slightly more facial hair. Same thing I did with the Mournfangs. I like how easy it is.
Fortunately the unit won't have a champion. Because the model for that has to sit in the back rank thanks to the well-equipped lad in the front with the antisocial stance.
At this point, I have just about dealt with the rank-and-file Ogres required for my current list. That just leaves half a dozen Sabretusks, 4 characters, and the Ironblaster. That last one will be the source of all my headaches, I can tell. But things feel under control at this point, provided I keep working.


  1. Nicely done, of anyone else i would doubt they could complete the army on time, but you have the ability to produce nicely painted figs at a prolific rate.

    1. Discipline! It's all about discipline! I hire a drill sergeant to stand over my shoulder and hurl abuse at me every time I put the paintbrush down. Works wonders...

  2. Very very cool some great looking conversions - the multi-barrel weapon is somewhat frightening.

  3. Great job on these. The sculpting and conversions are quite nice.

  4. drill seargent, I have one of those but it is more along the lines of "put that bl..dy paint brush down, there is work to do!"

    1. That doesn't sound half so motivational.

  5. That is a well done bit of work. I look forward to seeing the finished army.

  6. Very nice unit and lovely conversions.

  7. Hi!

    This is my third attempt to leave a comment :) Maybe the previous one was too long? so, short version:

    - did you consider painting cannons with brass color to make them stand out and not blend with chests plate?
    - where can I hire a drill sergeant? :)

    1. Success!

      I did briefly consider painting the cannons a different colour, but it was easy to paint them as iron and so I went with that despite it meaning there is a lot of the same colour on the model. Given my time over again, I might try it differently.

      You can't simply seek out and hire drill sergeants. They come and find you, drawn by the scent of your weakness and fear.