Monday, 1 September 2014

Painted Empire Ogre Characters

Well this post may be a little late, but in the end my painting was not - I managed to undercoat and paint these 3 guys on Friday night, and was finally able to head to bed a little after 1am. I was tired all weekend, but at least I achieved my goal of having the army ready for Rumble.

Anyway, here is how the group of them came out...
3 painted Ogre characters - Tyrant on flying carpet, BSB and Hunter. Not bad for a night's work.
The Tyrant was a bit of an odd model, with my usual lack of detail in terms of sculpting and no time to do anything about it with the paintbrush. I wouldn't mind going back and adding some more detail to both his breastplate and cloak, but it's not likely to happen in the near future.
The only detail I sculpted onto the cloak was that line near the bottom. Kept it simple.
Here he is from the side. The carpet hovers very close to the ground (it's maybe 1cm over the rock) because I didn't want to be adding line of sight confusion with my modelling.
He remains a haughty heroic sort with fabulously luscious locks of flowing black hair. I considered having him bleach his hair a nice "Fabio blonde" but decided against it.
The BSB is the least impressive of the 3 models. He was really scraped together from the available bits.
As usual, no detail on the banner yet. One day...
The Hunter with his pet dog.
A slightly different angle. I forgot to black the wolf's nose. I just noticed this now.
2 hairy customers.
The view from the left. The Hunter has a good hold on the beast.
Anyway, that's it for now. I'll be back with a report of the tournament later in the week, no doubt. And it could be a long time before you see any more Ogres from me. Bit sick of painting them at the moment. I might go back to painting things that don't require enormous amounts of sculpting beforehand...


  1. Speed Painting by the Hoodling, now that would be a great article. Remember sir you a a few more dwarves to do this month. Looking forward to your tourney report.

    1. Speed painting is a relative thing. I might have done these all in one night, but there were plenty of hours involved.

      And yes, I now have 2 months of Dwarfs to paint in September, since I did nothing in August. I'm a bit burned out right now, though. :(

  2. Truly amazing work. These characters, and the Bright Wizard, are very inspiring.