Saturday, 18 April 2015

Thorgrim finished and a little RafRage

OK, I can finally call this model finished. As I suspected when I set out to paint the banners on the back of the throne, the process was not exactly fast. It probably wasn't helped by the amount of fumbling with incorrect techniques and correcting clumsy mistakes, but I got there in the end.
He does look more completed with the banner flapping behind him.
One of the banners deviates wildly from the original because I didn't like it at all. In the end I've gone for a representation of Karaz-a-Karak, based on the rune the Dwarfs use to present it. It makes more sense to me than the random Dwarf waving 2 axes about. I don't get why that would be the High King's banner. On second thought, maybe that's meant to be Grimnir. Whatever, he didn't make the cut.

One banner done, and the other showing my rough WIP stage. Proof things can look OK at the end even when they look pretty dreadful part way through...
The one on the right more or less represents the original. The left one is my own creation.
They both look the same on the reverse side (allowing for wobbly freehand painting, anyway).
The technical work on the banners isn't great, but they look done and more or less reflect how the original paper ones would have looked if I'd just cheated and printed them out. In a vague, wobbly sort of way.
And now a few photos of the finished model, ready for battle!

I was asked in the previous post how this model ranks up, and whilst it's not great with the overhanging bearers, I have found some positions alongside my old metal Longbeard models where he sits in nicely. So that is good news. Maybe I won't have to model up something specific to accommodate the throne in a unit.

On a different note but since I'm posting anyway, I thought I'd point out an interesting post on Rafazza's blog about the general horrors of the End Times and some of the probably reasoning behind it. I feel it makes some good points that might help some of the nervous people out there to put things a little more in perspective. I don't pretend to be comfortable about where things sit right now, but no doubt these things are happening for a reason and the situation could probably be worse. We'll see where we are once the dust has settled.

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