Thursday, 22 October 2015

Over 900,000

At some point today the hit counter on the blog ticked over the 900,000 mark. It seems there is a steady trickle of traffic through here even when I'm struggling a bit for motivation and not posting much. Rest assured that this won't last forever, though. Over the weekend I plan to try my first larger game of Kings of War (6000 points) to see how the game handles at a slightly larger scale. I expect it will go very smoothly. And then on Sunday I'll be going to a small KoW tournament that's being run nearby. Just a chance to get a few more games in against some different people. I'll take photos on both days, so stay tuned.

Thanks to everyone who's been dropping by!


  1. This blog is still my first point of reference when it comes to picking a Lore of Magic, not to mention the annual mega-games, so long may it continue!

  2. I check this blog every couple days to see when there's a new post! I especially love your battle reports; they inspire me whenever I'm writing battle reports. My friends always comment that my reports are very fluffy and this blog is why.

  3. That is an incredible achievement very well done. I just cleared 50k so hats off to you sir. Just a small push to the million!