Thursday, 10 December 2015

Painting Heavy Pike Ogres

Well in my last post My Republican Guard Ogres were assembled. Now they are painted! Hooray for progress! 
3 very heavily armoured Ogres, ready to go poke something with their long, pointy sticks.
As is always the case for things that I've sculpted myself, these guys didn't take long to paint. There is a certain lack of detail that helps speed things up. If they all had hourglasses and fish and dead cats hanging from their belts, it would take a lot longer (even if they might look fancier at the end). Simple is good. Simple is fast.
This guy was the first I constructed, and probably still my favourite.
Each one is different at the back - even the two that are almost identical otherwise.
This guy's pose feels weird with the way he's looking sideways, but then there are humans in the unit doing the same thing. Someone's got to keep an eye on the flanks, right?
This guy leans back a bit, it seems. Had to prop him up for this photo so he wouldn't look super squat.
Such a handsome lad.
Not sure about the pose of this guy's arm. Or at least, not sure about its join with the body. Oh well, he's done now.
Same model as the first guy, but with different dangly bits.
Another pretty face.
The metal on these guys looks a little messy in the photos. Normally I just paint armour with Boltgun Metal, give it a black wash and call it done. That's what I did with all the human Republican Guard. But with these guys, the large areas of steel and relative lack of detail left them looking rather flat. So I went back and started shining some parts up again with another coat of Boltgun Metal. Not bright enough to really count as a highlight, but it breaks up the flat dullness that they had before. If it's messy then it's probably because sometimes I couldn't actually see where I had been painting (there was little difference if the light wasn't shining off it). As usual the camera and lightbox are less forgiving than the naked eye.
All together. And mostly facing the right direction.
I had intended to paint the final 7 humans for the unit at the same time as these guys, but when I sat down last night I really wanted to get these finished. So the humans are a job for another session (most likely tonight).
How they look in the still not quite complete unit.
They do kind of tower over their little friends.
That guy is still getting distracted.
This guy does look like he means business.


  1. Sir, I demand you sculpt fish on the belts of these at once! It's just not warhammer without skulls and fish all over the place!

    1. I refuse, on the grounds that I don't want to.

  2. There is something bizarrely fantastic about this unit. All that metal and feathers, the idea of Landsknechts leaps to mind but in an odd Durer sort of way.