Sunday, 11 December 2016

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

Well. My last post, about taking it easy for a while, was over 2 months ago. Maybe I took things a little "easier" than I had anticipated. 2 months is a very long time between posts. And this was largely reflective of the amount of hobby-related stuff I was doing during this period. I might have played a single game of Kings of War during the gap. Maybe. 

I only really started to pick up a paint brush about a week ago, too. I really was slacking off admirably. Basically I was suffering a bit from burnout and a lack of specific motivation. And distractions always abound. Especially when you're kind of looking for distractions...

Anyway, as slack as I have been recently, I'm not dead. And now I'm looking to blow off the cobwebs a bit and get back into action. As I say, I've started doing some painting again, although thus far my progress has been limited. My efforts have been focused on getting my Ogre Siegebreakers closer to finished. I had deliberately held off adding colour to them for reasons relating to our Albion campaign, however things got a bit derailed there as we were coming up to the end, so it seems likely that we'll never actually get around to properly resolving it. It's a shame, but I guess these things happen. I actually have photos from at least 4 more games that were played, but those were so long ago now that I doubt I can remember the details to go with them...

Wait, I was talking about painting. Yes, I have been painting metal ogres.

When last we saw them, these guys were almost purely metal. Steel with a little brass on the shields.

They're still not done, but they're closer.
As I say, they're  not finished yet. I am now trying to clean up the eyes a bit, which is difficult. I am having trouble making sense of them. Maybe because of the variable quality of my moulding process, maybe because my eyes are tired. Anyway, you can't see this in these photos anyway.  I also need to go through and make some shoulder detailing, probably by sculpting a master on one guy and then using that to press mould it onto the others. I need more colour on the Ogres themselves. They're a little too... metal.

In other news, I have committed to a plan for Cancon, which is now about a month and a half away. I was tossing up several options, including Kings of War and even Blood Bowl. In the end I have decided to play Warhammer 8.5. Basically it's 8th edition with a few rules tweaks, many of which I agree with, and numerous updated army lists (notably those army books that were release prior to 8th edition, as well as most of the Storm of Chaos lists). In some ways this choice represents the easy option. I expect this event to be small and really relaxed. Less competitive attitude. Right now that is what I am looking for.

And what army will I use? Well, I haven't made a list yet, but I think I have decided on an army book. I suspect I will use Dogs of War.


  1. Glad your back! Still one of my favorite blogs to read, hope you do well at Cancon, I expect pictures and tales of victory.

    1. I'm sure I can arrange pictures. Any tales of victory may be fabrications, however.

  2. Hurray! You aren't dead. Welcome back!

  3. Glad to read you again!
    WF8.5, eh? hmmm... I'm not sure about it, but certainly 9th Age is going far and far from 8th edition. And this dislikes me...
    What's Cancon (and not Cancoon)?

    1. I don't necessarily see 8.5 as a long-term solution, but it's closer to 8th than 9th Age, and as I say, it promises to be the most relaxed of the options at Cancon. Cancon is a large gaming convention held every year in Canberra, Australia. A group of us have been driving 800km to attend it every year for the last... 17 years or something?

    2. Wow, 17 years demonstrates how alive is your hobby in your lands... Nothing similar here (hmmm.. maybe someone has to do it...). We are divided between different fanmade rules. And this division sometimes goes even into hate between gamers. A pitty.
      I beg for GW's reconversion and the return of Warhammer soon or later.