Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Planning and re-planning

Cancon is fast approaching (it's a little over a week away), and I am not really prepared. I sort of know what is happening, but I have not done much in the way of ensuring that I am ready for it. I posted a while back that I was going to be playing Warhammer 8.5 this time, but that plan kind of fell through when low numbers combined with a crush from other events for extra space, and the event was cancelled.

So now I am playing Kings of War. Along with 61 other players, apparently. What army am I using? I have no idea yet, beyond the fact that it will have to use models I already have painted. I don't have time to paint anything else, because my available time will be spent working on these guys.
One Chaos Blood Bowl team in the making
This guy was sort of my prototype. Other than adding a number somewhere and putting a fair bit of grass on his base, he's probably a fair indication of where things are going.
This Blood Bowl team is not for me to use. At least, not to begin with. It's for a friend who is coming over for a visit from Germany, and who will be accompanying us on the trip to Cancon. He's entered in Blood Bowl and the teams need to be painted, so I really need to get to work.

I settled on a basic Khorne colour scheme for the team, as the friend who is playing them hails from the Warhammer Fantasy 5th ed era when frenzy was ridiculous, and Khorne Chaos was all the rage. Seems appropriate. The team can be any colour, so long as it's red.

I'll let you know when I finally work out exactly what I will be using at Cancon...


  1. Pst: How did Cancon turn out for you? Unless that's spoiling things because you've got some hot reportage coming are way ...

    1. Sorry, I missed this. I will put something brief together to cover my Cancon experience. Didn't take a ton of photos, but better than nothing...