Monday, 13 January 2020

Time is running out

In the proud tradition of tournament preparation, I am running out of time in the lead-up to Cancon. The tournament starts on the 25th, and we'll be driving up the day before. That's 10 days from now, which would be a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately, I'll be away on a separate trip immediately before that. So realistically my last chance to get any tournament preparation will be this coming Friday - 3 days away.

Friday is also the deadline for lists to be submitted, so I guess I will have a final chance to assess what I have left to do and adjust my plans accordingly. In the meantime, this is what I'm planning on taking...

League of Rhordia (2000 points)
  • Horde of Honour Guard with Indomitable Will
  • Horde of Honour Guard with Indomitable Will
  • Regiment of Knights
  • Regiment of Knights
  • Regiment of Knights
  • Regiment of Halfling Archers
  • Duke on Ancient Winged Aralez
  • Duke on Ancient Winged Aralez
  • Baron on Aralez
  • Mammoth
So that's it, I have a list. The downside is that I currently only have 8 painted Halflings. That's 12 short. I've started work on another 10, but they have a long way to go. At least they're short...

The other problem is that I don't currently have proper models for Ancient Winged Aralez. I could cheat and use griffons, but I'd have to rebase a pair of them onto correct bases, and it would be cheating. I need some proper winged doggies. So that's my main focus right now.

I had 2 partly assembled Thunderwolves that I bought second-hand years ago at Cancon. So I set about turning those into the models I needed.

The wings for this one were printed for me. I think they're from some sort of flying lion from the Titan-Forge Patreon.

Some of the green stuff work is a bit rough, given I am running out of time. Both the riders needed cloaks, the wolves had bionic details that needed concealing...
Even this guy's base needed green stuff, because it's the second half of a chariot base I chopped in half previously.
In truth, I wasted a lot of time looking for some decent heads for the riders. I know I have a stash of Demigryph rider heads. I couldn't find them. All I found were hundreds of heads from knights, state troops and free company. In the end I had to give up, and used knight heads for both of them. This one got his crest removed and patched up with green stuff.
 At least I found him a nice lance.
This guy's wings come from an Island of Blood Griffon.
Unfortunately, I didn't have time to give him a modified hat. Maybe if I ever find those better heads, I can replace them on both models.
They're actually the same wolf body, although this one had a head with a bionic eye. 
Another very rough cloak. I'd normally let the green stuff cure a bit before trying to position it, but time got the better of me.

Right now, these models are undercoated, ready for paint. This is good, because I'll only have a few nights to get all this painting done. Do I really think I'll make it? I'm not convinced, but there's always the night before the tournament, up in Canberra. Tradition, right?

Why do I do this to myself...? 


  1. Happy to have more KOW from you! Nice tight list, wishing you luck with it - you might be feeling the sting of phalanx's buff a bit, even if on the whole it hasn't been all that impactful of a change.

    Flying doggos look a treat, and strangely enough I *just* saw a very similar conversion (winged thunderwolf with knight) painted up in fairly prismatic colors. Guessing you'll be going the ol' purple + grey, but still!

    1. I like that they've buffed phalanx. No idea if I'll encounter more of it as a result. Ah well, if I die, I die...

      Prismatic colours sound exciting, but aren't really my thing here. Yes, these guys will mainly be consistent with my existing doggies. Main opportunity for difference is the wings, but I'm tight on time and don't have any specific inspiration, so I think they'll be relatively subdued.

  2. Maaan, you are just a champion.