Monday, 17 August 2020

Dwarf army photo

Right, so after the fight I had with trying to get a decent picture of my Empire, I found the Dwarfs a bit easier. Or maybe I have already just lowered my standards and stopped caring. Whatever. Either way it's a win, right?

So this is what I currently have ready to go for my Dwarf army. It translates to about 7000 points in 8th edition. There are number of incomplete elements that join the gang for games of Kings of War, like Elementals. I need to finish them. Anyway...

First a "sensible" picture that people might be able to look at without scrolling around...

Then all I get in terms of "next size up" in Blogger. Max phat size...

It's good to be king. Walking is for plebs.
And a couple of other lower, closer shots...

As has been suggested, I will work on getting together some more permanent army albums, including shots of each unit. But I'll worry about that after I've got some updated army shots.


  1. This really is a sight to behold! It's like reading a battle report from about 20 years ago and desperately fantasising over having such an enormous (and painted!) army. Somehow I never did for WFB (despite having had several for 40k over the years) so it's always nice to see something like this that scratches that nostalgia itch.

    1. Ah, I remember drooling over the armies in White Dwarf, with such a wish list of models on display. Anything close to achieving that sort of nostalgia is a win for me. Cheers!