Thursday, 25 October 2012

Celestial Hurricanum finished

I was hoping to post the second half of my Axemaster report today, but I found myself a bit busy and it's not done yet. Instead, you will have to make do with pictures of my most recent painting effort, the Celestial Hurricanum. This thing was part of my army at Axemaster, although technically it wasn't quite finished. I've added a couple of last touches now, and am happy to declare it done.
The Hurricanum doesn't share my army's colour scheme - I figure it's purely affiliated with the Celestial college

This model was a bit of a pill. It has so much detail, and trying to decide how to paint it in a manner consistent with the rest of my army was a headache. I actually left quite a lot of the extra bits off the model, keeping it relatively simple. Still, it was slightly befuddling. And that's not counting how fragile the thing is. The first time I transported, 3 of the little planet things broke off. They no longer have plastic rods holding them onto the ring - they're nailed in place. That's a warning to all the other flimsy bitties - if you break off, you could be next.
This thing represents my first ever attempt at painting lightning onto something. It came out OK.
In another first, this was also the first time I got to use my budget light tent I ordered on eBay. Seems to work OK and will be much better for storage - it folds up nice and small.


  1. Your plane'arium looks great. I noticed the lightning on the weekend- looks just a good in person!
    Also, winning a prize with unfinished miniatures- hell yeah!

  2. That looks Awesome. Thinking of doing it myself into a Chaos Warshrine.

  3. I must say it looks needlessly complicated and fragile...
    Also riddled with skulls...
    So you basic GW 'lets add something huge and shiny to get the kids in!' model really...