Monday, 1 October 2012

Empire War Altar progress

So, I have finally stopped putting off the construction of an War Altar, and progress is now going well. I talked previously about being an inefficient fool who ignores a perfectly good plastic kit in order to make something unique. This delayed me in the past, but no longer! Construction is complete and painting has commenced...
It always amazes me how much a project comes together visually when the undercoat hides all the bits and modifications.
My project includes components from a number of places. It uses a War Altar base, wheels, and platform for the Arch Lector. The torches at the back also come from the basic kit. The statue is a Thunderwolf from the Space Wolf plastic kit, although his pose has been modified to raise his profile a bit and have him looming over the Altar. He stands on the plinth that we created from scratch using the 3D printer. 
The wolf statue was cut in half to bend it a bit, and the ankles had to be altered.
The Altar is pulled by a couple of Fenrisian Wolves, with a greenstuff harness and some leftover chains I had in my bits box. The Arch Lector himself is the old Ar-Ulric model, whose only modification has been to give him a nail in his foot so he can be magnetised to the platform. The platform itself is attached to the base with a number of plastic components concealed with a fair bit of greenstuff to make it look like steel and wood. 

When it was all put together the thing looked a bit bare in the middle, and my wife suggested a throne of some sort. I went and stole the one from my ancient box of Heroquest, and then built it up and customised it with greenstuff and a lot of pins.
The old Heroquest throne, before modification. The central portion is just cardboard, so needed to be concealed and reinforced.
The throne after modification. I largely replicated the cardboard design, although I added the fur cloak to give it more of an "Ulric" vibe.
And I have started painting the thing too. I have a few rough ideas of the colours I want to use, but some of it will have to be worked out as I go along. Really looking forward to putting the finished article on the table.
Painting commences. The Arch Lector will be painted separately before being reunited with his ride.


  1. Now THAT is a War Altar! Excellent work.

  2. Looks great!
    Stock models are for the weak- yours is much better.

  3. This is how a war-alter is supposed to look :D