Sunday, 16 December 2012

Paint your wagon!

In my previous post I discussed the creation of my wagon unit filler for my Stirland halberdiers. Well, now it's painted! 
Finished surgeon's wagon unit filler
In my previous update I only had a basic wagon and an untextured base to show for my efforts, so obviously there have been a few things done to the model before paint could be applied. Here are some shots of the thing during assembly.
The assembled wagon from the left. The horse's harness was kept simple, rather than trying to include chain or anything fancy like that.
And from the right. This guard is permanently attached, whereas the other one and the surgeon are magnetised because they're certain to break otherwise.
From above. I added a few random components to fill the cart out before putting the wounded soldiers in.
From behind. The guy lying down is a dead militia model that I had in a bits box. The other guy is modified from a variety of pieces, with a bit of greenstuff bandaging on his head.
A closer view of "The Anesthetist" - a burly ex-thug who's very good at whacking people on the head and knocking them out. Made from cannon crew legs and torso, a marauder head with its topknot removed, burly marauder arms, a militia hand and club and a greenstuff arm band.
The second orderly/wagon guard. Just an old 6th ed spearman with a halberd tip, and a greenstuff arm band.
The surgeon himself. Made from wizard parts from the Celestial Hurricanum kit (with details removed), a bottle and left arm from the State Troop kit, and a bone saw made from a militia sword, shaved down and serrated.
I was excited when the thing was ready to be undercoated, and really keen to get it painted. It seems to be these unique conversions that inspire me most in terms of painting.
The finished wagon from the left. Not a great angle, unfortunately. Makes the guard look really short...
From above. I'm not sure if the guy lying down is actually dead, or just "anesthetised".
The wagon from the right
From the front
The finished anesthetist. Too manly for sleeves - they don't make them in his size.
The field surgeon, with his bone saw and a bottle of alcohol (for him and his victims, err... I mean patients).  He has a slightly crazy look about him. Not sure I'd want him working on me.
The finished unit, which is now padded out to 60 models. The rest of the unit finally got static grass on their bases in honour of the occasion.
A view from slightly further up. People tell me that the wagon looks strange going sideways, but I figure it's been parked and the unit has formed up around it to defend it. One of my future wagons probably won't even have a steed pulling it. That would make it more apparent.


  1. That is a very cool unit filler, I like it a lot. Hats off to ya.

    1. Cheers, I'm very happy with how it came out.

  2. A most fearsome example of the state of imperial medicine. I must remember never to be taken ill in Altdorf.

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