Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Duelling Gamers - Month 3 Completed

Technically we are no longer in June, however I haven't done a Tale of Duelling Gamers update yet, and I've only just finished some of the models. My target was messed about a bit when I entered Convic and committed myself to painting a ton of models in a short time frame, but what I achieved was still pretty close to my original goal.

I had intended to paint the following:

  • 16 Quarrellers
  • 2 Characters
That was my $100 limit. It got tweaked a bit before I finished the Quarrellers, and this is what I ended up with:
11 Quarrellers, 6 Thunderers (should have been 5, but apparently I can't count to 16 total), Josef Bugman and Grimm Burloksson.
My white backdrop is filthy (and seemingly un-cleanable - I think dried black enamel undercoat got rubbed on it), so I was experimenting with a nice, clean black one. Does funny things to the lighting, though. Might take some adjustment.
The remaining Quarrellers have been put aside, and will get finished at a later date (their armour is the only thing done thus far). 

Of course, the addition of the Thunderers was cheating the system a bit. But Thunderers and Quarrellers are from the same box set, so I am consistent in terms of dollar value. I don't know, I'm making excuses. I actually painted 11 Thunderers (it was going to be 10, then I realised part way through that I needed a musician). I also painted those 6 Irondrakes I have shown earlier. So my total output for the "month" (give or take a couple of days) actually looks like this: 

Everything painted in or around June.
I'm reasonably happy with how the 2 characters came out. It's always a relief to paint characters after painting ranks of regular guys.
Josef Bugman, painted in the green already worn by my Rangers.
The banner is made from green stuff. I thought about being cute and making a raised icon on it like the plastic ones have nowadays, but impatience got the better of me.
Grimm Burloksson, one of the new special characters. I don't mind this model, although I'm not yet sure whether he really matches my older stuff.
The big steam backpack feels slightly excessive, but I guess it's necessary for his Power Fist. Err, I mean "fancy steam gauntlet"
A Power Fist and a fancy gun. This guy comes equipped.
They actually give you optional arms. I could have used his cog axe in the right arm, but it felt like he was a little overburdened.
That's about it for this update. I now have a week and a bit before Convic, and I still need to paint 10 Irondrakes and 12 Miners. Still plenty of work to be done.


  1. Huzzah! For some reason, I always thought you already had a painted Bugman...

    1. Nope. I actually only got this model recently. I did start painting a friend's Bugman about 20 years ago, but never finished him. He is still half-painted, poor guy...

  2. The Dwarves are coming along nicely, very nicely infact. I do like this version of Bugman it reminds me a lot of the early characterful dwarf models that the Perry's and others sculpted. Have fun at Convic, hope there will be plenty of eye candy.

    1. I actually have a newer Bugman model that I got from Bugman's Bar at Warhammer World a number of years ago. For a while I convinced myself that I could just use him and didn't need this older one. But their style is different and this guy has a lot of nostalgia for me. I am really happy to have him in my army.

    2. I have a dwarf berserker and citadel Viking berserker for the exact same nostalgia reasons. When I tell the kids at the games club the Viking is citadel or GW and that it is over 20 years old they look at me like I am mad. Must have been the lead content in these old figures I guess.