Friday, 11 July 2014

Duelling Gamers - Month 4 Complete

Well, we're 11 days into July, and I have completed my quota for the month. Sounds easy, but in truth I've only just gotten it done in time for Convic.
10 painted Dwarf Irondrakes, ready for battle.
So I now have 10 more painted Irondrakes, giving me a total of 16 (which happens to be how many I'm using at the tournament - purely coincidentally, of course). I kept mixing the additions of colour to the models, in keeping with how I did the first small batch. They might look a little odd as a result, but at least they're not just steel and gold to look at.
A bit more of a close up on the command group. None of these guys were really assembled according to the instructions. But hey, the champion is the only guy in the unit wearing an actual Irondrake hat! With part of a butchered standard on top, admittedly...
Same guys from behind.
I actually got those guys painted last night, so was able to spend tonight touching them up a bit and I also painted a couple of those silly King's Walls to help me remember that my war machine is entrenched and stuff. I can honestly say that this feels like time well wasted. I could have been painting something actually useful. Ah well.
The least useful walls ever designed. And I painted them. Just coz.
Tomorrow I get to find out if my army actually has as much potential as I suspect it has. Unfortunately I also suspect that it will take a fair bit of finesse to get the most out of it. And I've only played one practice game, which did not go well. Oh well, unrealised potential is still a recognised thing.


  1. Slow down you demon of the speeds!

  2. Love the red and orange banner, hope you go well at Convic. Although i do agree with Puddingwrestler slow down you painting machine, I am still painting last month.

  3. Fear not - I will certainly slow down now that the Convic target is dealt with.