Sunday, 7 December 2014

Ostland progress continues

I feel like I'm starting to gain some momentum in terms of painting the red and black "Ostland" contingent for my Empire. Since my last post I've completed the remaining 10 Handgunners I wanted to add to the first unit, including magnetising the bases. So they're done, and I can move onto something new.
20 Handgunners, ready to go! The banner doesn't rank up very well. Serves me right for just grabbing a second-hand model someone else assembled and assuming it would all work out.
The colour scheme is simple, and it did feel reasonably fast to paint.
There are 4 different handgunner poses from the old 6th edition Warhammer starter set, but they're not all equally represented here. That's because I've been stealing a particular pose for something else.
That guy second from the right. His hands and handgun are separate from his body. It's very easy to turn him into a vintage-looking swordsman. I've done it before, and I'll do it again. I have enough Handgunners even if I steal a few...
I had assumed that the next step would be to work on the undercoated Halberdiers that I showed in the previous post, but talking with a friend on the weekend made me reassess slightly. Instead, I have decided to work on some Greatswords. They're a more significant unit in a number of ways - they are more powerful, cost almost twice as many points, and none of the armies people can contribute to the Heffengen game have a really decent unit of them. So the new plan is to paint up a large regiment of these - maybe 60 of them, including a unit filler.
OK, so it's only early days at this point. But hopefully after a few sittings I might have a small regiment ready for the table.
Speaking of unit fillers, I asked Pete nicely if he could 3D print me another wagon, and within 24 hours he had done so! I'm trying to steer clear of putting Ogres in my units for any contingents other than my purple and white Krakenberg troops, so adding to the baggage train is the best option. I'll assemble this one slightly differently from the previous one, I think. And it will most likely be carrying supplies instead of wounded soldiers.
The pieces for one of my unit-filling wagons. The newer software Pete is running gives everything a big flared outline, which connects some of the bits together almost like a sprue. It's kind of cool. We'll see if I still think that after I have to trim it all off.
The wagon's base (it's upside-down), complete with bonus edgy-bits.


  1. I'm sure you're already sorted for models, but you might want to consider the Perry Brothers for a large, cheap, plastic option for armoured medieval swordsmen:

    1. Thanks. Yeah, as you say I am pretty well sorted in terms of models. If I wasn't, I'd definitely be looking at the Perry Miniatures stuff.