Thursday, 4 June 2015

Moonstruck: The last push

Moonstruck is tomorrow! Yay! Or if you're like me and still have a whole lot of stuff you'd like to do: uh-oh...

I've been spending all of my available time for the last week on getting my army ready, but it's still not "done". it's usable, but not by any means completely finished. Naturally I left myself with far too much to do in terms of preparation, as is my grand tradition. On the bright side, it doesn't really need to be "done". "Close enough" will do the job, right?

Here's where most of my recent efforts have been directed.
My Sisters of Avelorn. Such a tiny unit, but they are a bit fiddly with their flaming bows.
Like most of the stuff in this army, these ladies are not actually finished. I wanted to add some final highlights to their hair (which doesn't really look important in these photos)...
Oh, and none of them has a quiver. Nor will they for the tournament. No chance that is happening. They're making use of magic arrows - I'm sure they'll be fine.
The Cursed Company, under renovations. 
Ah, the Cursed Company. These guys have been a lot of trouble. I decided to make use of them for my Lore of Undeath raising, but they were only half done, and that a long time ago. In fact, they all looked like the guys below. Only their bases were worse. I've had to re-do all their bases.
I only own about a dozen original Cursed Company models. The rest of the unit was made up of converted High Elves, Dark Elves, Bretonnians and Chaos Warriors. These guys failed to make the initial cut in terms of updating their paint jobs. If I have time tonight, I'll get them usable to give myself some more room to move when waving the Lore of Undeath about.
Back in the day, for some reason I decided to give them all a matching colour scheme. Nowadays I am wondering why I did that, and I've wasted a fair bit of time updating them. The High Elves now match my Avelorn scheme. The Dark Elves match my Dark Elves. The Dwarfs match my Ironbreakers. The Lizardmen match Nick Hoen's Lizzies... Basically I've made them more of a hodge-podge, and personalised them to tie in with the armies they're likely to be around.

I'm not sure I even like how I did the bone on the skeletons, way back when. But as much as I found myself heavily re-painting things, I couldn't bring myself to change that as well. I simply didn't have time. If I have the energy after the tournament, I'll finish updating the unit and take some proper photos.
The whole point of Lore of Undeath was to be able to make some units with standards, so a single Cursed Company standard doesn't really cut it. Here is Joe, who will be a late addition to the gang.
And a few more bodies and banners. Proper skeletons - they should be quick to paint, if I can find a little time.
And then we have the other real painting commitment. The one I've been avoiding. But after some time spent on it last night, the Arachnarok howdah is not that far off being usable. Highlights on the goblins and picking out some details, and they're pretty much there.
Oh yeah, and the Maiden Guard are not actually finished. They have been not actually finished for many years now. Sadly I don't think that's going to change tonight.

Well, that is where things currently stand. The question is how much can I get done at painting night tonight?


  1. I know the felling man, was up to 1:30 this morning finishing my VC themed #CasketofSkills :P...

  2. Hi Greg,

    All the best at Moonstruck! I wish I could be there as it shapes up to be one of the best tournaments. Maybe next time if Warhammer is still there :)

    Looking forward to reading your awesome reports, have heaps of fun and please, pass my greetings on my behalf to the Dwellers crew!