Saturday, 23 May 2015

Second Wyvern Done

There is now only two weeks until Moonstruck. I've been trying to ignore the fact, but I'm starting to get a bit short on time. On the bright side however, the final Wyvern is now in a usable state.

I painted this guy up in a similar vein to the previous one, but with a slightly more subdued, modern lack of bright red. I was happy with how the browns and greens worked on the other one, so took a lot of cues from that.
Old and semi-new. The greens and browns are similar, but the detailing is different.
The scratch-built and dragon-stolen bits worked together OK.
He's eyeing you off. I took a number of shots. Some of them are pretty similar...
A close-up showing the putty parts and my shoddy highlighting. Looks OK from a distance.
Both Wyverns still need riders, but that will be addressed (or sidestepped) in time. First I need to knock over the Arachnarok crew so that I can move on to my own army for the tournament.


  1. They both look fantastic !

  2. Both are painted very well. I must say I am a big fan of that restored wyvern. That is fantastic work.

  3. Mork (or Gork) would be proud.

  4. Much prefer the more modern (not red) look. But fantastic pair of filth models.

  5. From a modelling perspective the reworked one that you did yourself looks better than the proper one imo. I also probably prefer the painting on the second one. Overall though two lizards to be very proud of. Am quite jealous.