Monday, 18 May 2015

First Wyvern Done

Time is ticking away in the lead-up to Moonstruck, but I am making progress. I have now completed the first of the Wyverns, and have made a very small start on the second one.

This first Wyvern is the old Marauder one - the one that was current when I started into the hobby. I was excited when I found this model at an affordable price in a second-hand stall, however for all that it included the saddle, it didn't have the correct rider. I may have to convert one. For now though, I plan on painting the Wyverns without riders. I can steal painted Boar Boyz for the job if I don't have time to do new riders before the tournament. It's called prioritization. The things that have a viable backup plan can wait until last.
The Marauder Orc Wyvern, painted in a scheme inspired by the one used in White Dwarf (it's similar but not identical)
Eventually I'll convert up a rider to stand in for the original Shaman, who I don't have. In fact, I don't have a mounted normal Orc Shaman at all. In about 20,000pts of stuff. Weird, huh?
No doubt he'll be the most brightly coloured of my Wyverns. I do like the vivid green and brown, though. I may use that on the next Wyvern too.
What he looks like when he's running away. My Wyverns have a tradition of doing this. Normally as a result of charging the enemy in the rear. Apparently that approach is not for everyone.
A slightly closer look, so you can admire the questionable painting technique.
Next up will be finishing my converted Wyvern. Then the howdah for the Arachnarok. Then the Sisters of Avelorn, rebasing Durthu, ensuring the relevant movement trays are painted, finishing painting my Maiden Guard (many of whom have been half painted for close to a decade)... Then maybe some new Wyvern riders. Hey, I have a few weeks, right?


  1. I wouldn't sweat it. I think that the questionable painting techniques have come up sweet!

  2. nothing questionable about it.

  3. personally I like the more vivid colour scheme as it fits the model.

    Say it loud "I'm green and I'm proud!"

  4. Cheers guys.

    Also, it would appear this is my 400th post. Yay!

  5. Not remotely questionable at all. It might not be Golden Daemon, but it is a beautifully painted model. I'm almost as green as the wyvern at your skill and speed (especially the speed).

    Well done sir.

  6. Fantastic. I just finally assembled and primed mine. Trying to figure out how to recreate the bright green...

    1. The really, really bright green is the old GW colour Bilious Green. I think Vallejo make an equivalent in their Game Color range called Livery Green (so Dakka Dakka tells me:

    2. Ah I remember Bilious Green! Thanks for the tip. I guess I'll be ordering the Vallejo soon...