Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Something old, something new

Over the last couple of weeks I have continued to make gradual painting progress. The game a bit over a week ago highlighted to me that my Dwarfs really needed some additional characters to plug some gaps, so I've been working on that. Here we have to two latest additions: Belegar Ironhammer and Kragg the Grim.
Belegar is a modern model - part of the new era of multi-part plastic characters. Kragg is a bit older - he's a Runelord from back when metal models still contained lead.
Belegar Ironhammer, Lord of Karak Eight Peaks. Sorry about the blurry pics. I was in a hurry this morning and my camera didn't agree with me.
I actually got this guy ready enough to use in the battle, but I still had to come back and add some details like the gems.
Looks like I need to clean up some of the static grass. It's getting away...
Covered head to toe in armour, he was not hard to paint. I like that.
Poor Kragg. He used to be a special character in his own right, back in 4th-5th edition.
He's only the second painted Runesmith/Runelord in my army, so he was an important addition. Hmm, his beard is a bit yellow. Might have to fix that.
He's actually a strange Dwarf. The only visible armour is his helmet. He's all beard and hairy cloak. He is the hairiest of the Dwarfs.
I think the direction of my painting may shift a bit now, with talk of someone borrowing my Orcs for a tournament and wanting to run a zillion Wyverns at once. That's good, it will give me some focus.


  1. Two Runesmiths are pretty much obligatory in my opinion in any strong Dwarf list, both with 2xSpellbreaking for some spelleating yummy goodness. It's a fair bit of points, but they also act as free Razor Standards to make your Dwarves S5 or S6 AP, or even better on the charge.

    Lovely paint job too by the way. Poor Belegar, we all thought he was safe during the End Times with his swanky plastic kit, but wicked and wily are the ways of GW fluff writers.

    1. I tend to be a lot more reserved in terms of magic defence. I do like them for the armour piercing and magic resistance they offer, but I doubt I would take 2 in a normal sized list. Certainly not with 2 destroy scrolls. But then, I am not one of those players who would field a list with a Runesmith as a general. I want some points to field a proper Lord on shieldbearers.

      Belegar is in good company. Far from the only one who didn't make it. He did better than Kragg - his demise was just a footnote!

  2. Nice work. I'm surprised how well Belegar fits with the older metal Kragg - it helps that he's mostly beard and armour, I suppose!