Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Ostland Halberdier Regiment Done

It took me a while (getting sick never helps), but eventually I got my latest regiment of Halberdiers finished. These guys are the third regiment in my "Ostland" contingent (I always feel obliged to use the quotes because I know that the colours are not quite right - they should be mainly black and white rather than black and red). 

The unit continues my trend of building my army around core blocks of 60 infantry. This habit may need to be revised a bit if I find myself playing more Kings of War, as the only unit in the Kingdoms of Men list that can be fielded as a Legion (60 men) is Militia. At some point I will probably take another swing at growing the units to closer to 80 in order to allow each of them to be split into 2 Hordes (units of 40).
60 Halberdiers, ready for some Warhammer or KoW action.
My wagon unit filler was poorly planned and stuck so far out over the front of its base that it needed something specific to stand in front of it. I made this 3-man base to fit tidily (it fits better than the pic here would suggest - the surface in my light box was a bit uneven).
Silly as it feels to have to base 3 guys at once to accommodate another multi-based model.

The horse nuzzles pretty closely against the middle guy's back, but it all fits. He's just covered in horse drool. Wears a high collar for a reason.
See, they do fit in there.
I had intended to use the painting of this unit to keep up my momentum and move straight into something else, but I seem to have burnt out a bit for the moment so I think I'll take a break from painting. In the meantime I might fiddle with a few odds and ends to ensure that when I am ready to pick up a brush again, there are models ready to go.


  1. Beautiful stuff. All of your stuff is always beautiful. It is both intimidating and inspiring simultaneously lol! I am glad to see some good solid square based whfb models. You salve my soul my friend :D

    1. I think "beautiful" is a generous term for most of my painting. I can understand being intimidated by the number of models, but I don't think anyone should really be intimidated by the standard of painting. I'm sure anyone could paint like this if they wanted to. Cheers, though!

    2. A natural disaster can be beautiful...lol

  2. A nice impressive unit there. Time for an updated army shot? (I've finally got the widescreen monitor that can view all of the Empire army at once :-)

    1. Yeah, I had it in my head that my last full army shot was pretty well complete. But I've since realised that I've added about 150 models to the army since then...

      I still don't have a screen that could actually display such a picture at a level where you can tell what everything is. :(