Thursday 20 August 2015

The Battle of Blood Valley - Part 3

This is the third and final part of our battle report. You can find the previous part here.

Empire Turn 4
Empire Turn 4
The toll was mounting on both sides as the battle continued. Despite their pursuers having lost interest, the morale of the few remaining Halberdiers was too badly shattered for them to regroup and they fled the field entirely. The Handgunners fired a volley through the windows of the house, but the Ogres hiding inside were difficult to pick out and they took little real damage. The Cannon crew noticed the commotion and turned their machine to fire across the field. The shot blasted through the upper floor, killing the already-wounded Ogre who had been making his way upstairs.
"Kill me first, Mr Daemon Prince!" "No, I demand my doom first!" "Wait your turn!"
Crunch time in the centre.
The Flagellants continued their futile efforts to wound Fellrender as the Daemon Prince continued to wade into their midst, laying about him with axe and hoof. Elsewhere the Empire forces had better fortune. The crew of the Celestial Hurricanum aimed their cumbersome wagon at the approaching Chaos Knights and whipped the horses up to a gallop. At the same time, the Swordsman regiment raised their weapons and charged bravely in support. The Chaos Knights decided that the coming fight didn't look favourable and turned and fled. Such cowardice would surely have earned Khorne's ire, however the Hurricanum had picked up a fearful amount of momentum and crashed through their ranks as they retreated, tossing armoured warriors and horses about like nine-pins. If any survived, they would have to face Khorne's wrath later.
This time the Chaos Knights do not benefit from a feeble roll on my part. That Hurricanum was fast. I'm not sure they should have fled the charge, really. It was debatable. Probably Aaron's decision to give them lances tipped the balance.
The Steam Tank catches up to the Skullcrushers on the second attempt.
The Skullcrushers fared little better than the Knights. They were blind-sided as the Steam Tank driver got his contraption back up to speed and crashed into their flank. The two remaining Juggernauts and their riders flailed helplessly as they were crumpled up together by the machine as it rolled inexorably over them.

Chaos Turn 4
Chaos Turn 4
The Chaos Warriors on the hill sought to avenge their fallen comrades by charging down the hill at the Hurricanum, however the crew noted their approach and wheeled about without slowing, driving swiftly away from the danger.

Fellrender continued to lay about him as the Flagellants pawed at him uselessly. By this point it felt more like they were rushing to embrace their doom than attacking with any real hope of success. Their numbers were dwindling; it would be over soon.

Meanwhile in the building to the west, the Ogres were slinking out the back door of the house, out of sight of the Empire cannon. Hopefully out of sight of everyone, really. Khorne would not be pleased by their cowardly retreat...

Empire Turn 5
Empire Turn 5
The Steam Tank rumbled steadily toward the Chaos Warriors whilst the Hurricanum crew confirmed that they had made their escape safely, and turned the horses about. The Handgunners watched carefully for any movement in the house, however it seemed strangely still inside. 

Only in the struggle between the Flagellants and the Daemon Prince was there any real action. The last few lunatics were lining up for their dooms as Fellrender sought to finish them off and break free. He knew he was needed elsewhere, but the Flagellants just kept coming, and delayed him for a few more vital moments.

Chaos Turn 5
Chaos Turn 5
Seeing the Hurricanum turn about once more, the Chaos Warriors fumed in frustration and tried once more to reach it. The Empire crew held their ground this time, daring the Chaos infantry to close the distance. They tried but in the end they failed, stumbling to a halt at the foot of the hill, dangerously close to the Steam Tank.
Really? Do you really want to stop there?
Fellrender roared in fury as he at least broke free of the Flagellants, swatting at the remaining few of them even as they flailed themselves to death in their crazed fervour. The Daemon Prince cast about for a new target. There were several options, all about him. Unfortunately one of them was far out of reach, and it was looking right at him...

Empire Turn 6
Empire Turn 6
The crew of Balance's Folly turned their Great Cannon carefully until the barrel pointed directly at the massive Daemon Prince. Already today the gun had claimed the Hellcannon and the Manticore. Surely it could not also banish this mighty fiend? His calculations hastily made, the master gunner set his taper to the machine and it rocked back on its wheels as it roared to life once more. The shot streaked across the field, slamming straight into the face of the Daemon Prince. The baleful daemonic powers protecting him struggled to resist the damage, but even they were overwhelmed by the force of the impact. Fellrender's head was torn from his shoulders and his decapitated body shuddered a couple of times before toppling over.
This looks ominous...
Brace for impact! Or impacts!
Seeing how close the Chaos Warriors had strayed, the Steam Tank driver forced maximum steam into the machine's engine. A bursting, hissing sound suggested he may have overdone it, however the Tank still gained enough momentum to plough into the front of the enemy formation. At the same time the Hurricanum barrelled in alongside, and even the detachment of Swordsmen made an attempt to reach their flank before giving it up as a lost cause. The Wizard Lord at their head was not quite done however, bolstering the Hurricanum's crew and horses with yet another casting of the Speed of Light.

Mighty as the Chaos Warriors of Khorne were, clearly watching the demise of their allies from a distance had taken its toll. The resistance they offered was feeble as the Steam Tank and Hurricanum crashed into their ranks, pulping Warriors and scattering the few that escaped. So savage was the impact that only four remained to turn and flee, dropping their banner in their haste to escape the pursuit of the Hurricanum. 
Flee! The Steam Tank and Hurricanum killed exactly the right number of models to knock Steadfast off the Warriors. I think the final wound was done by the Steam Tank driver. All skill, baby. I don't think Aaron passed a single armour save in that combat.
Did they get away? Yes they did. Well, at least something went right for the forces of Chaos...
How it ended.
Chaos Turn 6
Where did everybody go? Now that the battle was over and he was well and truly fashionably late, Wulfrik the Wanderer and his mates decided to show up on the Empire table edge. Seriously, it took them 5 attempts to roll a 3+. Utterly disgraceful. Had they arrived a few turns ago, they could have silenced the Cannon. And yeah, that's really all the happened in the final Chaos turn. 
Somewhere in the Realm of Chaos, Khorne, Lord of Skulls and lover of all things blood-soaked, sat sullenly on his massive brass throne. A million skulls lay piled beneath his cloven hooves (a small selection of those produced by Games Workshop). Fire blazed in his eyes as he glared at his servant lying prostrate on the skull-encrusted floor before him. Fellrender, formerly favoured servant of the Blood God, grovelled shamelessly as he sought forgiveness. In truth, lying in the ground was about all he was good for at this point. Back in the Realm of Chaos the Daemon Prince had regained his head, but some echo of the damage inflicted upon him remained. His face was caved in as though something had struck it dead centre with tremendous force. His eyes were functional, but they were not much use yet - at this point they looked directly at one another past the smashed-in remnants of his nose. The damage would repair itself completely in time, assuming his enraged master allowed him that time to recover.

Khorne continued to glare silently at his servant. He did not truthfully know how long they had been sitting here like this; it could have been years. He had not said a word since the disgraced Daemon Prince had dragged himself in to face judgement. Khorne's eyes narrowed slightly and he shook his head. He was so angry he was having trouble thinking straight. He needed something to clear his head. Then he would decide how to deal with his bumbling servant. He grunted angrily and got up.

"I am going to throw some brass skulls at some Slaanesh servants. You had better still be here when I get back".

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  1. A great read - still the best battle reports on t'internet.

    Someone pin a medal on that cannon!

  2. Hat-trick for the cannon. Balance's Folly indeed. Hahaha

  3. It makes my Skaven Warp Lightning Cannon sad.

  4. Absolutely brilliant. I have been reading these reports, both tournament and battle reports for years now. Always an inspiration about trying new things, and led me to start my own empire army, though they haven't gotten much play with AoS ruining most of their plans.

    I must also say I love your Hellblaster Volley Gun Ogre conversion and I am going to take that idea to do one myself, hope you don't mind.

    1. Cheers everyone!

      Thomas, you are most welcome to use the Ogre Volley Gun idea. The world needs more Ogres wandering about with over-sized artillery in hand.

    2. I completely agree. I am thinking of trying to do a similar ogre with over-size artillery in hand but instead of the hellblaster, I'm going a great cannon. Do you think you will be going to Axemaster since it's been switched from AoS to 8th?

    3. I am indeed going to Axemaster now that it's running a game that I actually play. I have no idea what army I will be using yet, though.

  5. Great report, splendid minis and maps!