Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Dark Shadows painting progress

The Dark Shadows campaign and its associated models were created 15 years ago, and I've been sitting on these unpainted models for at least 10. Thanks to this campaign, I finally have a reason to paint them. Here is my progress so far. Admittedly none of these vintage models has received the love and attention they probably deserve. The Fenbeasts in particular are pretty rough. But then they're confusing models to paint, and they look done enough. So I'm calling them done, at least for now.

Finally I have a painted Truthsayer.I painted his eyes last night, having hurriedly done the rest of him on Friday night so he'd be ready for games the following day.
He has an awful lot of skin, but enough dangly details to slow me down.
I have another one of these kicking about somewhere. I suspect whatever momentum I currently have will not extend to panting a second copy. I'll probably move on.
Fenbeasts! I... had no idea how to paint these guys. They're a confusing mix of gloopy mud, bone, sticks and maybe rocks. 
Yes, they're the same. I might have tried to change one of them, but given there are only 2 I figured it was not important.
Gloopy gloopy. Clearly I should have gotten some advice from a Nurgle painter on how to handle this sort of painting.
The greeny tinge I added to the gloops was using a colour called Imperial Strike Green, from a pot that was older than time itself...
So with these guys done, the only remaining Dark Shadows model to paint is the Dark Emissary. And then I need to do all the models that didn't come from the Dark Shadows release, but which I need for the campaign. Clearly I have work to do.


  1. I've deliberately put off painting a fenbeast for years for that exact reason. I looked at the model and thought "how the hell do I tell what's what?" It just looked like a big mess, which I guess is the idea.

    These 2 may be used as a guide though..... :)

    1. There must surely be some better guides online. I admit I didn't look. For me there was some confusion about how much detail to pick out (I completely ignored things like the rocks), and how much to treat things as though the detail might be there, but would be covered in mud anyway. I went for some level of compromise to give them some colour, and decided it was enough for me.

  2. Such Fenny Beasteration!
    I look forward to crushing them beneath my iron shod boot heel.
    Or sitting on them and making happy squelchy noises if Lord Scroltch is leading my army that day.

    1. I'm still pretty sure Lord Scroltch spends most of his battles sitting about in the mud, splashing with his tentacles and giggling like a toddler.

      So fearsome is he.

    2. Lord Scoltch is clearly the most fearsome servant Nurgle has ever had.

  3. They look great! I admittedly have a Truthsayer still in his blister too, one of these days...