Monday, 30 May 2016

The Shadows Return Special Characters

As the campaign goes on I figure we will make special rules for characters who hang around and promise to play a major role in proceedings. This post will be updated with the details as they are decided, so I can reference them from the Albion home page.

First up we have the powerful Wight Lord, Korgorax.

Korgorax, Scourge of Albion 
245 points, Lord choice in a Vampire Counts army

M  WS BS S  T  W  I  A  Ld
4  5  0  4  5  4  5  3  9

Unit Type: Infantry

Special Rules: Undead; Hates Truthsayers and Giants

Magic Items:
Armour of Destiny Unfulfilled (Magic Armour)
Grants the wearer a 4+ armour save and a 4+ ward save.

Giants' Bane (Magic Weapon)
Counts as a great weapon. Gives the bearer Heroic Killing Blow.

Korgorax was a Chaos warlord who led an invasion of Albion long ago, soon after the island became isolated from the outside world by the magic of the Truthsayers. Intent upon destroying the standing stones that were resisting the flood of Chaos into the world, he led a bloody campaign against the inhabitants of the island. The defenders of Albion were not as they are now; its peoples were civilised and their armies were strong. The Giants also fought to defend the island - boredom and inbreeding had not yet begun their slide into barbarism. The war was protracted and many Giants were felled by Korgorax's black-bladed axe before his invasion staggered to a halt due to attrition. His army was eventually cornered and destroyed by an alliance of Giants and Men, led by the Truthsayer themselves.

The taint of Chaos was strong upon the body of Korgorax and his fallen followers, and so they were interred away from the mainland of Albion, on an island that later became known as the Isle of Wights when the legions of warriors buried there refused to lie quietly...

Lord Scroltch the Deliriously Pustulent; Master of Tentacles (Squiddums)
350 points, Lord choice in a Warriors of Chaos army

M  WS BS S  T  W  I  A  Ld
7  8  0  5  5  4  7  6  9

Unit Type: Monstrous Beast

Special Rules: Regeneration 4+; Causes Fear; Mark of Nurgle; Daemonic Attacks; Unnatural Armour (2+ armour save)

Carries the Filth Mace (see the Warriors of Chaos army book)

Lord Scroltch started life as a stand-in model for a Chaos Lord on Daemonic Steed that had been left behind, but over time Nurgle decided to make him into something more.

Erathi, Hag Queen of Khaine
250 points, Lord choice in a Dark Elf army

M  WS BS S  T  W  I  A  Ld
5  7  6  4  3  3  9  4  10

Unit Type: Infantry

Options: May be mounted on a Cauldron of Blood for +190 points

Special Rules: Frenzy; Blessing of Khaine (5+ ward save); Rune of Khaine (+D3 Attacks)

Erathi's Reaper (Magic Weapon)
Grants the user +2 Strength for close combat attacks.

When Erathi fell into the Cauldron of Blood, it should have been the end of her. Her wounds at the hands of the Asur prince Eldain were mortal. However, Khaine had other plans for his handmaiden and sent her back, fully healed and more powerful than she had been before. Her eyes now glow red with the God of Murder's power, and she leaves a trail of corpses as she leads her warriors across the sodden fields of Albion.

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  1. At last! Someone has codified the glory that is Lord Scroltch! May his buboes grow ever more bubonic, may his measles never become measly! (Lord Scroltch, that is, Not The Hoodling, who should preferably remain bubo free)