Monday, 8 August 2016

Another War Altar

My painting priorities have been swirling around a bit recently, but over the weekend I finally managed to get something else finished.
The Grand Theogonist, Volkmar the Grim. I finally have a proper Sigmarite War Altar! Don't worry Ulric, you will always be my favourite. I am old school...
Volkmar himself, looking Grim.
My goodness this model is tall. He won't fit on most of my display shelves.
The whole thing was an exercise in balancing efficiency with making it look OK. The model has almost unmanageable amounts of detail on it. I ignored what I could...
I did paint all the silly books, scrolls and bottles on the interior walls. They're not exactly carefully done, but at least they're colourful.
So grim. Actually the details on the model are so fine that I couldn't even see his eyes properly. So he got enormous cartoon eyes and then I shaved them back with brown paint as best I could.
So now I have the head of the Sigmarite church in my ranks. I might need some proper Sigmar priests for him to order about, because I don't know that the Ulric ones will follow his orders very well.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm not sure. He doesn't look all that grim in this sculpt. He looks angry, but not exactly grim. Volkmar the Somewhat Tetchy doesn't sound that good, so I guess Grim it is...

    2. And Volkmar, God of outrageous moustaches would be sacrilegious.

  2. Your painting skill is still growing... Fantastic!