Monday, 1 August 2016

General update

Sorry for the lack of campaign updates. I seem to be a bit busy at the moment. I still have several games to catch up on, and one more game to organise. I'll get there in the end, I promise...

In general hobby terms, I have been slightly lacking focus again. I started working on some MOM Miniaturas Dwarves that I have been looking forward to tackling, but then shifting priorities mean that I have altered course again. I will have to come back to the Dwarves.
The almost-finished prototype is shown at the front on the right. They will have the same colour scheme as my old Marauder Ironbreakers. And the Siegebreaker Ogres, when they're done too.
Empire Swordsmen with special round Ostland bull-head shields. I hope to get 40 of these done in a couple of waves.
On the weekend I also managed to play another game of Kings of War. I had a camera with me, so took a few pictures. Some of them came out OK. But the game ended up a bit of a blow-out, so I thought I would just share a few shots here and be done with it. Busy busy busy, don't you know.
Lining up against Ben's Undead. Having not really done it before, I thought I would try a shooting-heavy list just to see how it performed, and then of course we rolled up a scenario where you have to move. An obvious flaw with this plan.
Soul Reaver cavalry on the flank, then Zombie Trolls, Revenant Cavalry and a horde of Revenants.
Spooky ghosts! Wraiths on the other flank, intending to make a nuisance of themselves.
And then this is where Ben his about half his army. 2 Vampires and 2 Liche Kings, huddling behind the monument building thing where my horde of Arquebusiers with the Jar of the Four Winds couldn't see them. Never mind, I failed to get the first turn anyway.
The spooky ghosts drifted up just out of charge range of my Knights with the Potion of the Caterpillar. Spoilsports.
The characters all kept hiding behind the monument, as though I was realistically going to shoot at them, needing 6s to hit. 
Yeah, I really didn't have the means to resist those Soul Reaver cavalry on my left flank. Nothing on that side of the field could hope to stop them.
My Militia troop did decide they might as well get in the way, so charged in and did no damage. Oh well, they were brave little men...
The Heavy Pikes moved up with the Ogre Boomers just behind, to the point where they could just reach to fire over the head of my unit. Unfortunately they didn't do much damage. Neither did the Arquebusiers on the hill.
I hit the Revenant Cavalry a lot harder with the Ogre Shooters, Crossbow and Arquebusier regiments and the lightning-wielding Wizards, but failed to roll the 6 I needed to rout them.
Ben then returned the favour with a miserable Surge roll, falling just short of my lines. Thanks Ben!
Let us take a moment to remember the brave sacrifice of the Militia, as the Soul Reavers nibble daintily upon their hideously butchered remains.
A bit of a grinding match erupted between the Heavy Pike and the Revenants (both units had the Brew of Strength). A Vampire also came in alongside the Revenants.
In my turn I actually opted to counter-charge the Vampire, failed 2 attempts to Bane-chant my own unit, did little damage to him, and failed to rout the Revenants as I bombarded them with the Boomers and the Arquebusiers on the hill. so it was a general failure.
My Mounted Scouts were getting up to mischief picking on the flanks and read of the Zombie Trolls, so a Liche spoilt my fun by moving across and Surging them into my unit after they spun around. Stupid Surge...
So I eventually finished off the Revenants by charging them with the Shooters, but only after the mopped up my Heavy Pike. The Vampire continued to harass units whilst the other one, which had helped the Wraiths deal with my Knights in the forest, came and joined in the fun. Between them they killed both my Ogre units in 2 attempts. 3 out of 4 of their charges saw them do 7 damage. Not much I could really do about it.
I was cheating by casting Bane-chant on my allied Ogres, and it still wasn't helping. Meanwhile the Wraiths were pulling all the usual Surging into the flank shenanigans. It all kind of fell apart.
And on the left, the Soul Reaver Cavalry were mopping up my stuff. They were quite enjoying themselves, I think.
In the end I had killed the Revenants (both mounted and infantry), and almost routed the Zombie Trolls (until Pete pointed out that Ben had gotten the rout value wrong by one. Just to give me false hope, I think). Fair to say the game didn't really go as planned. I shall keep shuffling around my stuff and trying different things, but an army based around shooting units is probably not my best way forward.


  1. any plans of a big gathering using tthe kings of war rules? like your famous previous one's, say at least 20,000 points per side?

    kings of war is great for huge battles!

    1. I'm sure at some point we'll pull together a really big game. Not right now, though - at the moment I have other things I need to focus on.

      Recently a group in Queensland played a 50,000 point game of KoW. Something like that would be great, but by that point (and given the fact that you need even more stuff than you would for the same number of points in Warhammer), you end up in an unfocused "goodies vs baddies" sort of game that I have resisted thus far. So I'd need to decide what to do with it before actually making it happen.