Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Hobby update

Yes I am quiet at the moment, but I am still working on the occasional model, either for a particular purpose or just because I was looking for something achievable to work on. These varying motivations resulted in the 2 models we have here.

I painted Azhag the Slaughterer in a hurry, because I told Tim I'd get him done before the Grudge Pony battle. Given he was not even assembled at the start of the week, it was nice to get him done by the weekend in the time I found during the evenings. Much as I would love to have had the option of painting up the fancy, most recent version of Azhag that GW produced, he was always a bit steep price-wise. And I had 2 of this guy lying around. Or maybe 3, if you count one who has been having a bath in paint stripper for about a year. Your time will come, little Azhag the Third...
The Wyvern has been painted for years. Azhag himself was a little late to the show. Apologies if some of these pics are a bit blurry. My arms were a little tired and shaky from embarrassing myself at the gym shortly beforehand. Part of why I took photos instead of painting something else...
As I say, I wasn't really interested in messing around with this guy. I needed him done. And I really didn't have a plan when I started putting paint on him. So the colour choices might seems a little odd in places, and he might be a little rougher than he could have been. Sorry Azhag. At least you're painted now.
The main feature on the model is the Crown of Sorcery, which spends its time whispering sweet nothings into his head.
There are a couple of faces on the armour, which I decided really needed some colour rather than just being gold as I often pick out armour detail. With a bit more time I might have changed some of the lightning bolt details to colour instead of gold as well, but had already started going with the gold and just stuck with it.
The other face, which you can hardly see normally because of the pommel on his wyvern's saddle.
Already losing paint on the cloak because of being lifted on and off the wyvern. Oh well.
He has character. The blue cloak and detailing on the helmet was a slightly random choice. I really couldn't work out what to do with him.

The second model here represents me picking a fairly random model to work on when I had no other direction to work with. This is the old Aldebrand Ludenhof model - the Elector Count of Hochland. So another character added to the Empire pile, and potentially the start of a new colour scheme. He needs an entourage, right?
Aldebrand Ludenhof, Elector of Hochland. And feathered friend.
Yeah, there's a lot of steel there. A better man would have picked it all out in lacquered colourful splendiferousness. But that's not really how I have gone with my Empire, so I stuck to my existing approach of steel being steel-coloured.
He has very distinctive facial features, which is kind of cool. Also had a bit of a rough go at OSL from the sword blade. It's... not great. But it will do. Like much of my painting, it looks more acceptable on the tabletop instead of zoomed in with a camera.
Anyway, there are other things I am working on, and plans are in motion for another proper battle report. We shall see what comes of these things.


  1. That paint job on the elector count is simply stunning

    1. Cheers. He has one of those very defined faces that kind of paints itself.

  2. I always loved the middlehammer elector models and this one is the best of them.

    1. I have pretty much all of the others. I need to get cracking on painting up the whole set!

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usRjcIYOW5A...eature=youtu.be
    what do you think about this starter set for lX?