Sunday, 8 September 2019

Twirling, twirling, twirling...

A brief post just to show that I am back making progress again in terms of painting. I am starting to make progress addressing some of the glaring weaknesses in my Greenskin horde. Actually, the whole equation has been thrown off a bit by last weekend's purchase - I have a whole lot more Greenskins in a pretty much state where they are ready to go. Sheer numbers are not really a problem now. 

Anyway, I started work on these guys before the recent influx of models. For a very long time I only had 6 painted Night Goblin Fanatics. This was not really in balance with the number most Goblin players would have been inclined to field, and felt like it really needed to be scaled up. I knew I had a bag full of them somewhere, and now I have finally got around to pulling them out and starting work on them.

14 Night Goblin Fanatics, in classic muted colours. OK, not really. Way back when I painted my other ones, I went for 2 each in red, yellow and orange. I quite like how they stand out against the normal black of the Night Goblins, so I figured I would stick with it. It was suggested I could kind of complete the rainbow for them, and that appealed.

Taste the rainbow! I realise I am actually missing a colour (indigo, I guess). But this mix felt good enough.
I love these classic old models. Goblins were so cute back then. It's part of why I was so excited to get my hands on the second hand stuff, given most of it was from this sort of era. 
The rest of the guys are more modern plastics. They're cool, but they're not adorable like the much older metals.
Pleased as I am to have these guys done, the arrival of the second-hand guys included 12 more Fanatics as well. They're even the cute metals, although they're painted in more traditional black robes. So I'm not exactly short on Fanatics. I do have a few more that were not yet ready for paint, but now that I have a total of 32 of them ready for play, the rest are unlikely to get a look in. Hate to think how big a game it would need to be before I'd be OK with that many Fanatics twirling around...

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