Saturday, 28 March 2020

Life in the slow lane

So the world is shutting down and everyone is hiding in their homes. It's all quite surreal. I'm fortunate in that my job fairly easily accommodates working from home, so that puts me in a much more comfortable position than the countless people who have been stood down from work or are out of a job (my condolences if you're in that sort of situation). 

The internet is full of people suddenly finding themselves with more hobby time as a result of the various lock-downs, but that doesn't really apply to me. We do have a lot of regular stuff cancelled, but that is not necessarily translating into more time to paint. Not yet, anyway. Maybe that will change.

I have continued to work away on my Ostland swordsman regiment, and now I have 22 of them done. Unfortunately there are still 18 more of them staring at me from the other side of the painting table. 
22 painted swordsmen, with just the banner detail still waiting...

I decided I should break it up a bit, "rewarding" myself with something different. I chose a group of Sigmar-themed stuff, in a Warrior Priest and 3 Sisters. These were all undercoated and ready to go. Honestly there wasn't a lot of exciting stuff in that category. I guess I was not prepared. So I pulled them onto the table, and then I basically stared at them for an hour or two, allowing myself to be distracted by other things. I had no motivation. My "reward" plan backfired, basically.
Check out all that... incompleteness!

I eventually got started on the models, but it's been slow progress. In future if I want to have some "reward" models up my sleeve, I need to prepare a better range of stuff so that I have a choice of undercoated models to work with. Maybe something from the stash of wizards I have in the cupboard.
So much magic, so little undercoat.

Anyway, not a lot of news. I figured I should give an update though, given how long it's been since my last post and given I don't know how long it will be before I actually play another game to share here... I'll keep working away and update periodically.


  1. Sometimes no matter how cool the model is, the motivation is just not there. But props to you for completing the group of swordsmen such as it is. Those big infantry blocks are always a strain - my Asrai sadly look on while I paint other stuff...

    1. I think I also made a mistake in picking up several similar models for my "reward". I made the reward itself a bit of a grind. Even without inspiration, I could have knocked out a single completed model by now. Oh well, we live and learn.

  2. The swordsman look great!
    Since my job has also translated better than I expected to working from home, I share your sentiment about not having the extra time for hobby I might have expected. I'm trying to make time to paint. Hopefully when we all emerge it will be with glorious painted armies and much diminished piles of shame!

  3. You have altogether too many wizards sir! I demand you either paint them or sacrifice them to power the God Emperor's golden throne!

    ...I'm pretty sure that's how that works...

  4. Where are those bull shield emblems from?

    1. They were cast by someone on the Warhammer Empire forums, I seem to recall. I bought some from him years ago. Nowadays I'd be trying to find something 3d printable.

  5. Where are those bull shield emblems from?