Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Baby steps

Somehow it's been over a month since my last post. I've barely left the house during that time, but somehow my days feel busier than ever. This probably has something to do with the builders who are working on our garage, cutting a door through right next to the painting table, and generally covering everything in dust.

The general chaos has obviously affected my painting progress as well. I've managed to (literally) blow the dust off a few things, but really my achievements over this time have been limited.

I did finally get around to trying to tidy up the paint on the wolfybirbs, who have sat in their mostly-finished state since Cancon. I figured now I should really take their picture before hiding them in a cabinet, where they will hopefully not gather too much more dust.

 1 painted Winged Aralez, although they could just as easily pull duty as Ulric-themed Griffons. 
I found these 3d-printed wings quite strange to paint. The detail is so aggressively picked out, but the feathers are rather huge.
I posted previously about not being able to find more interesting heads for the riders, but you can barely see this guy's face regardless. It is painted though, I promise...
Even his cape is a bit rough, but it's better than not having one. Fancy lord-type characters riding big flying things should have a cape. 
I like blue. I quite like orange with blue. I'm not at all convinced that it's the right combination on the model.
And then we have his friend, who had to slum it with wings from an Island of Blood Griffon. Means I have a wingless Griffon sobbing somewhere in the corner. I'll do something to help it later.
I do think the wolves themselves work fine for this. It's mainly the riders I am dissatisfied with. 
Just adding green to the purple feels a bit weaker, but I think it works better.
The other guy got a sawn-off half of a resin chariot base. This guy had to slum it with a piece of cork. Pleb.

The other thing I got through was finally finishing my "reward" models. It's a relief that they're done, but that motivational plan really didn't work at all.

So much Sigmar! Another Warrior Priest, and he's got his Sisters with him.
If I use them all as Warrior Priests, I should just about have enough to put one in every infantry unit. The same can't be said for my cavalry units. I just don't have a lot of models for that. Might have to convert a few, if I want to convert my knights to the Sigmarite faith... 

So what's next? I'm hoping I'll get my painting setup more settled again, but my most immediate painting plans are probably to get on with the rest of the Ostland Swordsmen. My friend Pete has printed me some more wagon bits for a unit filler (gotta have a unit filler), but the bits are many suburbs away, and I have no idea how I'll get my hands on them, short of using the (currently rather slow) postal service... Strange times indeed.

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