Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Imperial Progress II

Continuing on from my previous post, progress on my prototype unit-filler ogre has gone surprisingly well. In fact, after 2 more sittings he is finished! Not based or painted, of course. But the conversion is done.
From out of nowhere, suddenly we have puffy sleeves and feet! And a base! It's starting to look like a complete model

Above you can see the results of the first sitting, where I made as much progress as I dared in a single go, working on both the sleeves and the feet and base. I figured these areas were far enough apart that I could work on them without handling anything I had just done. This would have been true if I were less of an oaf. As it was, there was relatively minimal rework involved.
Same stage, different angle. I found working on the puffy sleeves slightly easier after my practice on his leg
 And finally, only a few hours later, I went back and finished the job...
Here we have the finished product. I used green stuff for some of the fiddlier bits and I think it was a good idea. I also used a shaved down shield boss from a 6th ed Empire Soldiers box to give his breastplate some interest, and the skull on his forehead is also from a shield boss. His feathers come from the horse head intended for the champion in the Empire Knights box set

Simon says, "Turn around"
For the final stage I didn't use any Magic Sculpt at all. I used a few plastic bits and some green stuff. I decided it was better to use the green stuff for the finer detail work, and I can safely say I will make the same decision again. It worked well. I gave him his knee guard, the tassel on his halberd, and of course his helmet. It's actually pretty easy to see what I did in this stage, as it is conveniently highlighted in green. :-P

I used a couple of plastic components. I decided I could find a suitable feather rather than trying to make my own, and didn't fancy trying to sculpt detail onto the breastplate. The little shield with skull in front of the feather was added as a way to strengthen the join with the plastic, as well as to hide the join.

All in all, I am surprisingly happy with how this project has turned out. It went better than expected, although it only really came together at the end. I figure I will paint him before moving onto the others, to make sure I haven't missed something that I only notice when I go to paint it.
And here we see the model I was basing my conversion on. I may do one of the ogres in the exact same pose as him, just for funsies


  1. lookin decent, smash out the paint job so we can see for sure how badly you messed up !

  2. Don't worry, I will do my best to hide all my mistakes with tricksy painting...