Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Pointy-eared gits

When I first started collecting a Warhammer army, it was Wood Elves that most took my fancy. However, this was at the start of 4th edition, there was no Wood Elf army book (just a temporary Ravening Hordes-style list that came in the Warhammer box set) and the models were rather hard to come by. As such, I decided to start collecting High Elves alongside them. The High Elves were one of the first races to get an army book of their own and the models were far easier to find. They were also appealing, but in a more regimented and haughty sort of way than their woodland kin.

For all that I started with Wood Elves, my first entire army was definitely the High Elves. Up until this point I had used the High Elves and Wood Elves interchangeably, using pretty liberal interpretations of the Allies rules, but my friends didn't mind. However, I eventually collected enough models that I could field a battle-worthy force (I use this term rather loosely - my shock cavalry consisted of Reaver Knights, I think I had a mighty 12 Swordmasters, and a few other odds and ends). The army grew gradually from there, sometimes in jumps and starts.

My High Elves suffer somewhat from being the army I grew up with, so they have endured a wide variety of paint jobs and even the occasional bit of paint stripping. I have models in the army that probably have 4 or 5 coats of paint. It's only fairly recently that I have hit on a colour scheme that I am fairly happy with, and it's possibly that some of my models will never catch up.

My main High Elf army

A few of the characters
Old-school Spearmen. I like these models - they have a very solid and regimented feel to them
Almost current Dragon Princes
One of my Dragon characters. The rider is magnetised. The plan is to have a Mage who can stand in his place, however I haven't gotten around to that yet...
And here we find the old Korhil, who appears to have stolen Eltharion's Griffon. If Eltharion ever gets painted and catches up with Korhil, there may be words.
My mounted Battle Standard Bearer
A couple of pussy cat chariots
And now, just to confuse you, here is another High Elf army. This colour scheme started as a crossover project. I wanted Eternal Guard for my Wood Elf army, and really didn't like the proper models. I decided instead to make a themed army, based around the High Elf Everqueen. in Avelorn. The stories talk about Treemen etc living in the forests there, so I figured it made reasonable sense. It also gave me an excuse to use my Maiden Guard models (although I had to supplement what I had thus far). The army would be using the Wood Elf rules, but all the actual Elf models (as opposed to the Forest Spirits) would be High Elves.

Thus was born the colour scheme you see below. I have since taken a liking to it and experimented on a couple of other units that have no place in a Wood Elf army. Just to further confuse you. It's likely that I will eventually paint an entire decent-sized army in this colour scheme. I figured so long as they were based correctly, they could fight alongside my main High Elf army in larger games anyway...

The Everqueen (and friends)
Plenty of Maiden Guard. They used to be in 2 units, but under 8th ed rules, they are far more likely to stick together
General, BSB and Mage, all made from the same model. Who knew she could be so versatile...?
Everyone needs a Dragon. Just for everyday purposes, like carrying your shopping, mowing the lawns, eating the faces of your enemies...
Some High Elf Archers who think they are Wood Elves who think they are High Elves... I am confused
As I said, not everything in this colour scheme fits into the original Wood Elf plan
Nope, these don't either. Hell, they don't even fit into most people's High Elf plans. Maybe if the horsies got all furry and had big teeth, and the crew swapped their poky spears for axes...
I'd like to do a whole unit of Silver Helms like this. Maybe one day
... And those who have been left behind. The times, they are a-changing. Sadly, for the moment at least, these guys are not. I guess it could happen. Eventually...

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