Sunday, 22 May 2011

Imperial Progress III

So, here we have the finished ogre unit-filling prototype. He's come out surprisingly well.

1 Empire Halberdier Ogre. Success!

As expected, there are some lessons for the future from this project.
  1. Make the wires for the legs longer so they can be stuck into a cork or something similar to avoid handling him overmuch during the sculpting process
  2. Slim down his ankles more (this will be aided by following the step above, as I won't have to plug his legs into feet sculpted onto the base)
  3. Keep the edges neater, particularly around the back of the helmet

As seen from the side...
...and the rear (not an ogre's best aspect)...
...and the other side (in hindsight, ogres do not have a "good" angle)...
All in all though, I am happy with the end result and am looking forward to making the other ogres for this unit. I was tempted to run off and make a prototype for each unit (greatswords, republican guard, etc) but this won't aid my overall goal of getting units finished. So, dedication to the halberdiers it is...
And here we have him "camouflaging" in amongst his halberdier buddies. He is something in the middle, if you can't spot him.

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