Sunday, 26 June 2011

Imperial Progress IV

OK, so this will be a much shorter post. At the same time as I was wasting my time trying to work out how to do my next 2 Ogres, I was idly putting together another unit filler. This one is less strongly tied to a particular unit, which might come in useful. It's a foppish Empire noble on a hunt with his pets.
I was somewhat inspired by the Empire Duellist figures in the online-only range, with silly tight pants and codpiece. I dug around and eventually found a pair of Dark Eldar legs that I figured would do the job, so I cut off all the spiky bits and then added details back on with green stuff. The torso comes from a cannon crewman, I think. The head and pistol arm are from the Empire General plastic kit. The hooded chicken comes from a Bretonnian knight, although it lost its fleur de lis.
I also further enhanced the already foppish hat with a proper rakish feather from the Greatsword set, just hooking it into the hat properly with a bit of greenstuff in place of the skull that came on the hat (which looked too grim and serious for this guy)...
The hunting hounds are from an old Wood Elf beastmaster, but I had to bend one of them a bit to avoid the whole Attack of the Clones vibe they would have had going on.
The guy is magnetised to the base, so it will go into a case easily. His first tour of duty will probably padding out a Halberdier regiment, but it seems likely he will see most use in something like Greatswords (stuck with babysitting the irresponsible nobleman).


  1. you should add some detail to the outside of the pistol, i find it really weird that that whole area is just flat

  2. You're right, I had forgotten about that. Very strange that it's detailed on one side and plain on the other. Not like there was anything to stick on there...