Monday, 27 June 2011


(or, how to be a doofus and waste your time undoing what you have just done...)

So, I was reasonably happy with the progress I was making on my latest unit filler. Last night I planned to start painting him, but first I needed to undercoat him. I had taken pains to seal the foam I used for the rock on the base with PVA, so it should have had a nice plastic coating to protect it from the elements. With that in mind, I decided I would be cheap and use a non-GW flat black enamel I have used in the past...
As you can see, the spray did a great job of eating the rock my doggy is standing upon. It would seem that my efforts to seal the foam with PVA failed, which is strange - I'm sure I've done this successfully before. Maybe I was pushing my luck by using an enamel spray instead of a proper can of Chaos Black, however I'm not even sure if it's safe to use GW acrylic sprays on foam, or whether the propellant or something in the mix will do similar damage.
Anyway, this meant that rather than spend my time painting the model, I got to waste time repairing the damage I had done with putty. On the bright side, I mixed far too much of the stuff and ended up sculpting a leg and a half of one of my Ogres who have been otherwise sidelined for the moment...

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