Monday, 8 August 2011

Imperial Progress IX

Well Book of Grudges is on Saturday, so I'm running out of time to get my army ready. Amazingly, I feel like things are pretty well under control. Apart from the odd bit of touching up and a couple of movement trays, I have only one model left to paint! I have left the Ice Queen of Kislev (my Wizard Lord using the Lore of Death in this army) until last, because I foresee myself painting her slightly differently from my regular colour schemes. However, the rest of the army is basically done...

Apologies for the poor quality of the shots. I was in a hurry last night when I got my camera out (all the shots I take are just using my phone anyway, but trying to keep a steady hand and avoiding bright white backdrops seem to make a big difference). I will get some better shots once the army is all ready for battle.

The most recent additions to my painted collection. Pegasus, Outriders, and a champion and standard bearer for the Knights of the White Wolf

The Outriders give my all-cavalry army a few more teeth at range. I'm hoping they'll do well.
My White Wolf champion is actually the old Grand Master of the White Wolves model, so he will probably get a gig as a hero or lord in the future. I altered his poor old horse to give him a bit more height, so he stands out of the crowd instead of getting lost.

Another failed attempt to get them all in a decent shot. The Pegasus will be using a rider I had already painted, so I didn't bother including him here.

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