Monday, 1 August 2011

Imperial Progress VIII

Book of Grudges continues to get closer, and with my list submitted I am working on the models I have committed to painting before the tournament. I've done a few odds and ends, but my main progress thus far has been the Steam Tank.
The (almost) finished product. Apart from some static grass, this is probably how far it will get before BoG

I followed the instructions and didn't glue the guns or turret in place. I like being able to twist the turret off, but the guns going up and down feels rather unimportant. The Steam Tank should have a name on the banners under the main gun, but thus far I don't have one...
The white cloth looks like it needs some sort of insignia on it. Something for later
And again, another banner needing attention
I plan to magnetise this guy, but for the moment he just sits in his turret
It's not a completely finished product - I should really give it a name, and I think the white bannery bits of cloth on either side really need some sort of marking on them. However, I am not organised enough to have thought of such things, so for the moment I am leaving them alone.

I have also started work on the Pegasus, but given it's basically just been drybrushing to transform it from black undercoat to white, I didn't bother taking a photo. He won't take very long, so I can start thinking about what's up next. Most likely that will be the White Wolf standard and champion/grand master, given the other stuff still needs to be undercoated.

We have been informed that Book of Grudges has hit 50 players! This is quite an achievement in the current climate of doubt around 8th edition Warhammer, and the comings and goings of former tournament stalwarts. Admittedly Victoria seems to have weathered the backlash against 8th ed better than other places in the country, but apart from Convic, I don't ever recall a Victorian tournament exceeding 50 players. So this is very exciting.

It also bodes well for Axemaster, which will be 6 weeks after Book of Grudges. If you don't know about it and are interested, the details can be found here. Satus Bellum has also been announced - it's a 1500pt one-day tournament on Sunday, 23rd October. No player pack is available yet, but it will be held at the same place as Axemaster - the usual HGC haunt at the Hampton Community Centre.

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