Sunday, 28 August 2011

New menu bar!

It came to my attention not long ago that it is getting increasingly hard to find content on this blog, as the months roll by and the posts start to get buried. You could still find things if you knew what to look for (using the labels or the month-by-month lists), but finding something when you came in cold was a bit tough.

Enter the navigational menu bar! I've added links to a few new pages under the Hoodling's Hole header, which link to posts grouped by particular topics. Obviously these only cover a fraction of the posts on the blog, but they might give people more of an idea of the stuff on offer. If you think of any other groupings I should be including (there is room for more), let me know.


  1. Like the new menu bar, mind me asking how one adds it?

  2. Sure,

    I added Pages as the widget under the header bar. This automatically displays a link to each Page you create. Then I created Pages by going to Edit Posts, and selected Edit Pages from the top of that screen.

    It was a bit convoluted to find everything. I toyed briefly with drop-down menus, but it meant editing the HTML and didn't work first try. So in a great display of persistence, I simply gave up and tried the Pages approach instead.