Monday, 19 September 2011

Bretonnian Kislevites!

Over the weekend I took delivery of the converted Kislevites that Owen was working on. In the end he got them all done in a week, which was a pretty fair effort. I am more than happy with the results, and I'm looking forward to putting paint to these guys given they will form a couple of unique units with real character of their own.

Owen didn't take any more pictures of them before he handed them over, so it falls to me and my poor phone (which seems to do more work as a camera than as a phone these days)...

The first unit of converted Kislevite Kossars.
The second unit of Kossars
One of the command groups.
The back of the command group. Owen has given some of the models full fur coats, as seen on the champion here. The musician appears to have been given the job of carrying the regiment's vodka into battle...
The other command group.
These Kossars are based on the current Bretonnian Bowmen.
A couple more examples of the converted Bowmen.
These models were based on Bretonnian Men-at-Arms.
A number of the conversions are based on 5th edition single-pose archers. They help bulk out the numbers.
The guy on the left is also a single-pose archer, but he's had a bit more work done on him. If not for the arrows at his feet, you'd probably never spot it...
In total I now have 32 Kossars, including 2 command groups. Splitting the models into 2 groups makes for some pretty small units in 8th edition, but I intend to pad them out a bit. I will still have the option of rolling them all together (minus a couple of command models), which should give me a decent horde of 40 or so (with fillers) if I want it.

I have vague plans to make a unit or two of different-style Kossars to offset these guys, however they're on the back-burner at the moment.

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