Sunday, 4 September 2011

Imperial Progress XII

I have continued to be somewhat distracted from my Ogres recently. To be honest, these knights have really caught my attention for some reason.
The Knights Soon To Be Panther (or Snow Leopard, in this case)
Anyway, as you can see they are nearing completion (assembly-wise). All that they need now are cloaks. I feel they should all have cloaks, as it helps to unify them and will add some much-needed white to tie them in with the rest of my army. Unfortunately, the cloaks are likely to slow me down a bit. I don't have 36 spare Knight Panther cloaks (the other 4 are old metal models with their own cloaks). In fact, I only have maybe a dozen. And when I look at them, I don't really like them that much anyway. So I have decided to improvise.
My first attempt at a master Panther cloak. We shall see how it pans out.
The plan is to create a flat master that I am happy with, then create a mould for it. I will use green stuff rather than Magic Sculp for the copies, because I intend to pull them out before the putty hardens, drape them over the knights, and adjust as I see fit. No doubt there are plenty of things that can go wrong with this plan (like me handling the unset putty like the simpleton oaf that I am, and thus obscuring all the detail). Still, I need a plan of some sort, so this is what I'm going with.

I have copied one of the old metal panther heads, which I will attach to the master cloak. I want it sitting over the knight's shoulder. I will let it all harden before I try to attach it.

There is lots that can go wrong with this plan and I should really have done it before attaching the shields to the knights, however I'm still hopeful at this point...

On another note, Happy 20th Birthday to the humble Empire armoured horse. Still going strong despite being older than a lot of the gamers that use it. Please GW, give us some new Knight models. With new horses.
The Empire Armoured Horse. 20 years young...

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