Monday, 26 September 2011

Imperial Progress XIV

As promised in the previous post, here we have a few shots of the "finished" Knights Snow Leopard. In truth, they are not finished. They don't have any leopard markings on their cloaks and I have not put any freehand detailing on the banner. Both of these things looked like they would be time-consuming, and by 11pm on the night before the tournament, I decided to call it quits.
The Knights Snow Leopard, basically completed

From a slightly different angle
The regiment includes a handful of old 4th edition metal models, but here are examples of the various plastics used
The same 5 again from an angle
As I said, there are no markings on the cloaks yet
The Grand Master
One side of the standard, which as I said still needs some freehand. Once I work out what I want to do with it.
And the other side
At Axemaster I only used 15 of these models, including the Grand Master. The other 4 were extras in the painting process. Unfortunately I still have another 21 of these guys to cloak and paint, and I think I might save the leopard markings for then. Maybe by then I will have come up with a plan for the banner, too.
I'm pleased to have the tournament out of the way, as it means I can shift my painting focus to something else before trying to face the rest of the knights. I am considering the converted Kislevite Kossars, but that probably depends upon whether I can find a place for them in my Satus Bellum list (a one-day tournament coming up in a month).

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